Occupy the canvas in Moto G3

Overview of the grandstands at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya

From which stand do you have the best view?

Basically, you have a good view of what's going on on the racetrack from all grandstands. Of course, you can't see the entire route from one grandstand. From all grandstands and standing room areas, you have a view of large-format screens, on which you can follow the racing action outside of your field of vision.

Otherwise, the choice of the right grandstand depends on various factors: on the one hand, the price, the main grandstand in a Formula 1 race is the most expensive category, from here you can see the start and the finish straight and you can see the racing cars in the pit lane. In MotoGP, the corners may be more interesting than in Formula 1 races.

Those who prefer it cozy and want to have a relaxed picnic are well served in a standing room. Of course, you can also sit on the lawn with a blanket.

You should also think about sun protection. If you are sensitive to the sun, a covered grandstand may be a better choice.

You will find the descriptions of the individual stands above. Also take a look at the overview plan for download.

How is the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya equipped?

From all grandstands you have access to toilets, to stands where you can buy something to eat and of course to kiosks where you can buy fan merchandise.