How do I deal with homesickness

Homesickness, longing and other feelings

And I think everyone knows how it feels too. I looked for a suitable definition on the internet and I have to say that it is not that easy to find a suitable one. That is strange, because somehow it is a feeling that affects many people again and again. I then opted for the simplest and simplest definition and I think it generally encompasses the term quite well:

Homesickness - the longing in the distance for home or home.

But this definition includes another word, the meaning of which I would also like to briefly clarify: longing:

nostalgia - [...] is an intense desire for a person or thing that one loves or desires. It is associated with the painful feeling of not being able to reach the object of longing.


Homesickness and longing, both terms that are often only seen in one context. Homesickness is mostly associated with young children. And I see that every day in my kindergarten, homesickness can be the very banal desire for one's own mother. Also the fact that the child knows that he will see his mother again in the afternoon at the latest; often does not help. Because the child is longing. Longing for his mom. And just as the child longs for its mom, so longing is also often associated with couples. One partner has not seen the other for a long time and now longs for him or her.

But is that all? Are these two terms limited to that? Isn't one too old to be homesick at some point, and if so, when? I don't think that's all. I am currently experiencing that even at 19 you are not too old to be homesick and that you can not only long for people, but simply for your entire environment, for what you are familiar with. The people you've known all your life, the habits you've been following for years, just the daily routines and much more. On the one hand, it's nice to know that you have a home and by home I mean a real home where everything is familiar. Because that's the place where I grew up, the place where I've spent my time since I was a child. On the other hand, it is also painful to know that my home and the people I long for are about 10,818km away.

And despite homesickness and longing, it is always nice and exciting to gradually get to know Indian life better.

It is nice to meet the love of children and to do the same for the children. And I have to realize that it works without words, because I don't understand the children's language yet, but I wouldn't say that the children can still communicate with me, even if this communication consists only of gestures, but it works . Material things hardly play a role with the children, there are only a few toys and then you can often no longer recognize what function the toy originally had, but that doesn't matter either.

It can also be very exciting to learn about Indian city life. Since we live very secluded and quiet on campus, being in the city is something completely different. It's very loud and crowded there. There are dealers everywhere and want you to buy something. Of course, we also look like tourists and so we are also talked to by every trader about whether we want to buy something. We already encounter some with a few fragments of the German language. That can also be annoying, since we are not really tourists at all ...

And to run your very own household first requires a new organization, because you always have to make sure that everything is in the house. And shopping for groceries in India is also something completely different than in Germany. There are no supermarkets or the like here, you buy everything you need from individual dealers. We also had to deal with other inconveniences in our house. So we came home one evening and noticed that a scorpion had made itself comfortable in our bathroom. But even such little adventures are part of independent life in India, so you have to get used to them first.

And so my state of mind is still a bit torn. On the one hand I suffer from bad homesickness at times and on the other hand I am still curious to see what kind of little surprises life in India will present.