How do you maintain a quartz countertop

What is quartz stone or quartz material?

→ Quartz material has almost no open pores, this offers the following advantages:
- Increased hygiene, since almost no fluid intake is possible
- Quartz material is easy to clean in everyday life
- Follow cleaning instructions

→ Quartz material is synthetic resin-bonded, this offers the following advantages:
- Greater flexibility, a great advantage for assembly
- Little surface tension, i.e. edges have a higher impact resistance
- High resilience in the surface with increased scratch protection
     - Please use cutting boards and coasters for hot.

→ Quartz material can be used in many ways, this offers the following options:
- Use as a kitchen worktop, cheek, vanity top and much more.
- A solid material thickness of 20 mm solid or solid optics 30-100mm
- A facet edge profile, bevel or solid look
- A polished or flush cutout
- Post-processing on the construction site e.g. drilling or notching