Passengers can drink in the car

Drinking alcohol behind the wheel: is it allowed?

In a nutshell: alcohol consumption at the wheel

What is the alcohol limit in Germany?

For all vehicle drivers in Germany the0.5 alcohol limit – Drink driving is therefore fundamentalnot forbidden.

What sanctions are there if you drive a car with 0.5 per mil or more?

Will theBlood alcohol limitbut exceeded, threaten afinePoints in Flensburgor also aDriving ban.

What applies to novice drivers?

In theProbationary periodalcohol driving is prohibited -Novice driversneed aZero alcohol limit adhere to.

Can you drink beer at the wheel?

After a hard day at work, a beer is a must for many After-work ritual. Only when the cool, tingling water runs down your throat does it become clear that the work is done for today. In principle, there is nothing to be said against it Drinking beer. But while driving is it forbidden or not?

In Germany there is one Blood alcohol limit of 0.5 per mille. So if you are drunk, you are not allowed to drive the vehicle when you own yours Don't risk your driving license want. But how about that Drinking alcohol while driving a car? Is it possible to drink beer while driving?

Drinking alcohol while driving: legal issues

As already mentioned, drivers are not allowed to have a value of more than 0.5 per mille when driving a car. This would be a Administrative offense represent and can even under certain conditions punished as a criminal offense become. Alcohol in traffic is basically one bad idea. However, there is no law that forbids drinking a beer while you are at the wheel sits.

The decisive factor is always Blood alcohol level. If this does not exceed the 0.5 per mille mark, there are no penalties such as driving bans or points. As a result, alcohol consumption while driving a car would definitely be within the law. Still, it's not a good idea, because too below the alcohol limit the consumption of alcohol has consequences. For example, if there is an accident or Danger, can already from a value of 0.3 per mille the driver's license will be withdrawn. Even one Imprisonment is possible. If there was an accident, there is also the possibility that the Liability insurance refused to pay the costs.

Even on short journeys you should refrain from consuming alcohol behind the wheel. While it is correct that it takes time to get the alcohol converted in our body is and we get drunk, but one Control of the police can take a little longer. While we wait for the doctor to do a blood test, the blood alcohol level increases.

This can happen if you drink too much alcohol while driving.

If the alcohol limit of 0.5 is exceeded, drivers receive a Fine of 500 euros, two points and a Driving banof a month. In the case of repeat offenders, the penalty is significantly increased. From one Value of 1.1 per mille the driver's license is revoked. Same goes for dangerous behavior from a value of 0.3 per mille.

Trial period: Drinking alcohol behind the wheel is not allowed!

Drink beer while driving? During the probationary period that has severe consequences. For novice drivers in their probationary period or under 21 years of age is one Zero alcohol limit. This means that all alcohol consumption while driving is prohibited.

Anyone who violates this will receive a value even if the value is below 0.5 per mil Fine of 250 euros and one Point in Flensburg. There are also probationary measures, since this is a A violation acts. The trial period is extended to four years and a Advanced seminar must be visited. From 0.5 per mille also follow for Novice drivers Driving ban, points and a heavy fine.

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Drinking alcohol behind the wheel: is it allowed?
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