What are the hottest pantomime hats

Mime terms: Rat What I am!

Pantomime terms! What are the best and most interesting terms you can use? Here is a list of the best and funniest terms from several categories. Film, music, books, fairy tales, celebrities - we have prepared something for everyone.

The aim of the game is not to make difficult pantomime terms. Nobody is having fun if in the end no one has guessed the term.

Are you organizing a party and looking for fun and interesting games? A real party is not possible without pantomime games! Pantomime is highly positioned in the Party Classics category.

In order for the game to be even better and more interesting, you need really good pantomime vocabulary. Mime is often called a charade.

It always works according to the same basic rules: A player explains charade terms without saying a word! The player explains it all with facial expressions and gestures.

Mime game is a really fun and amusing game. Here you will find various pantomime terms and ideas on how you can make this game even more interesting and fascinating. Have fun with our terms, instructions and ideas for this game.

What is pantomime games about?

Mime is, roughly speaking, a kind of acting but without real objects and of course, the most important thing without words!

In this game a player gets a concept that he has to represent. The other players then guess what it is. The concept can be a movement, an activity, or an object.

The most important thing is that you should definitely not forget, you must not speak or use any objects! Mime is played in groups (teams).

Each group should have a minimum of 2 players. In this game every player can show their skills! Each player has to represent each term with the help of the body, facial expressions and gestures.

Here is a term, e.g. B. You can take an invisible cat in your arms, stroke it and pretend to be playing with the cat.

Which pantomime games are there?

Pantomime words and concepts should be chosen carefully. In each of these game variants you can also use taboo terms or activity terms.

If children want to play this game, it is best that they play classic pantomime with simple pantomime words. When it comes to adults, you can play the more difficult variant.

1. Classical pantomime - this is the variant that we have all played before. This variant is of course the easiest, and it is not demanding.

A term is written on a piece of paper and given to a person who has to pantomime the term to other players. Whoever guesses what it is first gets a point.

2. Pantomime terms with double words - This variant is considered a more difficult pantomime. Here, double words are chosen as pantomime terms. These double words are played by 2 people.

3. Pantomime necklace - This variant of pantomime is perhaps the most interesting, but also the most demanding. All team members stand in a row and all participate at the same time.

The first person in line is given a term that he has to explain to the person next to him in line. This goes on until the end of the row.

It is interesting that in most cases the last person plays a completely different term than the first person. The game is very fun and entertaining.

4. Suitcase pantomime - We have all played the well-known game with suitcases. I go on vacation and pack in my suitcase .. With suitcase pantomime we have a difference.

In this game it is not said what is to be packed, but rather the term is presented in pantomime. Everyone in their turn has to repeat everything over and over again.

Mime terms - Known people

• Charlie Chaplin

• Elvis Presley

• Manuel Neuer

• Emma Watson

• Queen Elizabeth

• Madonna

• Angela Merkel

• Angelina Jolie

• Obama

• Nena

• Michael Jacksons

• John Travolta

• Marylin Monroe

• The pope

• Britney Spears

• Heidi

• Paris Hilton

• Stefan Rab

• Shakira

• Sido

• Will Smith

• Dieter Bohlen

• Trump

• Otto

• Albert Einstein

• Herbert Grönemeyer

• Lady Gaga

• Michael Jordan

• To Schweiger

• Ed Sheeran

• Usain Bolt

• Arnold Schwarzenegger

• Boris Becker

• Cristiano Ronaldo

• Joachim Löw

• Miley Cyrus

• Muhammad Ali

• Christina Aguilera

• Bushido

• Beyonce

• Karl Lagerfeld

Mime terms - animals

• Cow

• Seal

• mouse

• Hammerhead shark

• cat

• Tiger

• Horse

• Guinea pig

• Monkey

• Dog

• Fish

• frog

• elephant

• Flight duck

• Icebear

• kangaroo

• butterfly

• Dove

• Bear

• Rabbits

• Fux

• Wolf

• Duck

• Dolphin

• bird

• zebra

• Gorilla

• camels

• Squirrel

• Giraffe

• Snake

• whale

• hamsters

• hyena

• pig

• donkey

• Leo

• peacock

• penguin

• sheep

• goat

• Chicken

• bat

• Panda

• owl

• turtle

• Slug

Film & series titles as pantomime terms

• Pulp Fiction

• The dark knight

• The Godfather

• The simpsons

• The army of the rings

• Romeo and Juliet

• How I meet your mother

• Dirty dancing

• Scrubs - The beginners

• Gladiator

• Friends

• E.T. - The alien

• Starwars

• Batman

• The bing bang theory

• Kill Bill

• Shrek

• Guardians of the Galaxy

• Deadpool

• Jurassic Park

• The Lion King

• Matrix

• Titanic

• Terminator

• Conjuring

• Forrest Gump

• Joker

• Spiderman

• Harry Potter

• Two and a half men

• Hangover

• Anabel

• Twilight

• Kevin home alone

• 50 shades of gray

• Grays anatomy

• Saw

• Otto (Walkes) the film

• The icequeen

• Manitou's shoe (bully parade)

• The Walking Dead

• F * ck you Göthe

• The X-Files - The FBI's Creepy Cases

• Suicide Squad

• Mission Impossible

• Ghostbusters

• Pretty Women

• Dead girls don't lie

• Rocky

• Stranger Things

• Magic Mike

• Catwomen

• Sex and the City

• Star Trek

• Baywatch

• Game of Thrones

• Super Natural

• Sherlock

• House of Money

• Commissioner x

• King of Queens

• Starship Enterprise: The Next Century

• Prison Break

Fairy tale films as pantomime terms

• Puss in Boots

• Rumpelstiltskin

• Red Riding Hood

• The valiant dressmaker

• Hans in hapiness

• Six are coming all over the world

• The Emperor's New Clothes

• Set the table

• King Drosselbart

• The water of life

• Prince Sky Blue and Fairy Lupine

• The singing, ringing tree

• The salt princess

• The goosemaid

• The swineherd

• Sleeping Beauty

• Rapunzel

• Hansel and Gretel

• Mother Hulda

• Three hazelnuts for cinderella

• The three feathers

• The Bremen Town Musicians

• The Dancing Shoes

• Alice in Wonderland

• Snow White and Rose Red

• Arielle the mermaid

• The rabbit and the hedgehog

• Cinderella

• Maleficent - the dark fairy

• The Frog Prince

• The girl with the sulfur sticks

• Snow White

• The Wolf and the Seven Young Kids

• Beauty and the Beast

• Aladin

• Nutcracker and Mouse King

Mime terms - fictional characters

• Homer Simpson

• Sheldon Cooper

• Charlie Sheen

• Catwoman

• Wonder Woman

• Batman

• Spiderman

• Superman

• Rambo

• Hulk

• Frankenstein

• R2D2

• Barney Stinson

• Montgomery Burns

• Black Panther

• Iron Man

• James Bond

• Lara Croft

• The Great Gatsby

• Scrooge McDuck

• Hello Kitty

• Thor

• Elsa

• Olaf

• Willy Wonka

• Harry Potter

• Wolverine

• Super Mario

• Miki mouse

• Sherlock Holmes

• Daredevil

Charade children's ideas - characters from fairy tales and Disney

• Snow White

• Cinderella

• Daisy Duck

• Aurora / Sleeping Beauty

• Dumbo

• Ariel

• Jasmine

• Donald Duck

• The Muppets

• Belle

• The snow Queen

• piglets

• Mulan

• Minions

• Pippi Longstocking

• Peter Pan

• Pocahontas

• Merida

• Alice

• SpongeBob SquarePants

• Tiana

• Pinocchio

• Rapunzel

• Elsa

• Hercules

• Pluto

• Anna

• Aladdin

• Bambi

• Goofy

• Buzz Lightyear

• Eeyore

• Simba

• Chip & Chap

• Mickey Mouse

• Winnie Pooh

• Dwarfs

• Alf

• Tinkerbell

• Mowglie

Other pantomime terms

Heartbreakers, bums, twistworms, flycatchers, lion fight, cinema, volleyball. Tailor, chain smoker, stockings, breaststroke, bag packing, animal keeper, drunkard, cake, pistol duel, muscle twitching, table tennis, housewife, detective, rowing, wandering bird, motorcycle, balloon, puppet shows, sunburn, pastor, boxer, wedding, getting to know each other, fearful rabbit, lamp, Santa Claus, teacher, actor, moonwalk, spectator, car, ice skate, game leader, stand up, undress, be drunk, mayor, the first kiss, catch a fish, burglar, shave, change money, go to the museum, cook coffee, jog, Playing cards, lovers, playing chess, gynecologist, drying off, using perfume, sunbathing, revolving door (for example in a supermarket), zombie, milking cow, ass bomb, ice cream seller, train, hammock, judo, gorilla, bookmark, sewing machine, etc. Boat, tooth fairy, cigarettes.

Mime is a very active, fun and interesting game. This game is especially recommended for children. Through this game, children practice their creativity and acting.

Today there are also various apps that you can use to play this game. Although the full experience is only when you have pencil and paper, the real mime game can begin.

Mime can be great fun for both children and adults. If you are hosting a game night at your home, pantomime is a must. As I said, this game is played in pairs, which makes everything even more interesting.

Our list of terms that we have prepared for you will be more than enough to have some real fun with your friends.

Here you will find various pantomime games and ideas for professions, activities, celebrities, fairy tales, film titles, songs and books that you can imitate. It is only up to you that you portray everything well and that your partner advises the term easy.

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