What is a penthouse

Penthouse (German)

Part of speech: noun, (neuter)

The meaning in German is limited to extensions on house roofs and their usually very exclusive character.
Other spellings:
Pent | house, Plural: Pent | hou | ses
Pronunciation / Stress:
IPA: [ˈPɛnthaʊ̯s]
Word meaning / definition:
1) Architecture: a single-storey, self-contained residential building on the roof of a high-rise building
Origin of the term:
attested since the 20th century; Borrowed from Englishpenthouse, this is derived from the Middle English forms pentice,pentis "Small cultivation", which in turn comes from the Old Frenchapentis "Appendix" comes from; this in turn is in Latinappendicium back, which is a denominative of appendix (-icis)(Female) is and in turn from the verbappendere “Hang on to something, weigh in”; The latter is made up of the Latin verb pendere “Weigh, weigh” and the Latin prefixad- together; The current English form results in a folk etymological connection of the Middle English word to Frenchpension "Sloping" (because these additions only had a single pitched roof)
1) Swiss:Attic, attic apartment; see also: German / residential building
Application examples:
1) When is the viewing appointment for the penthouse?
1) “When the house in which she had recently lived was scaffolded less than three months after their marriage, Mây stood in disbelief in front of the large poster that was a penthouse in the attic and announced it for sale at an unimaginable amount. "
1) “The woman lived in penthouse on the outskirts."
Nominative: singular penthouse; Plural Penthouses
Genitive: singular Penthouses; Plural Penthouses
Dative: singular penthouse; Plural Penthouses
Accusative: singular penthouse; Plural Penthouses


  • English: 1) penthouse
  • French: 1) attique (male), penthouse (male)
  • Swedish: 1) takvåning

Similar words (German):Penthouse

Practical example sentences

Automatically selected examples in German:

The actress sells her penthouse in Manhattan - by more than double the purchase price.
Today.at, August 22, 2018

You want to get Neustadt moving: Balneon, Kressler dance school and penthouse Bar plan cooperations in offers and events in order to give customers mutual benefits.
Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung, October 5th, 2018

The Sapphire Super penthouse by Daniel Libeskind on Chausseestrasse in Mitte is being offered at a record price of almost four million euros.
Berliner Morgenpost, May 8, 2019

Potentate swank, double-decker sofas and cuckoo clocks in the Bauhaus look. The world's largest design fair in Milan shows how we can live tomorrow - whether in the penthouse or in the small room apartment.
Spiegel Online, April 15, 2019

For a penthouse the manager has deposited $ 238 million in Central Park. Despite the high sum: It benefits from relatively weak property prices.
Handelsblatt.com, January 24, 2019

It's close to the club early on Saturday morning penthouse had an accident in Stuttgart.
Day 24, February 15, 2020

In the residential park with its 3,100 subsidized apartments, the 'tenancy law' is for a penthouse offered.
derStandard.at, June 22, 2020

Musical world star Ute Lemper (56) experiences the virus hell in the middle of New York. She lives in one penthouse on the Upper West Side.
BILD.de, April 22, 2020

The most expensive attic apartment in the New York borough of Brooklyn (USA) has a new owner. The penthouse comes with a private elevator to the 30th floor.
Blick Online, April 17, 2020

Warm colors, dignified luxury, a penthouse with a view of the sea, this is what 'beautiful living with Altro Mondo' looks like.
NWZ Online, December 05, 2019

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Thesaurus & Synonyms

  • Attic apartment (Switzerland)
  • Penthouse (obsolete): alternative spelling of penthouse
  • Penthouse apartment

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Terrace apartment: ... Units will have 62 square meters. "1)" Should it be an apartment, a penthouse or a terrace apartment? "1)" Two almost identical apartments, one of which ...

Penthouse:… Plural: [ˈpɛntˌhɔɪ̯zɐ] Word meaning / definition: 1) alternative spelling of penthouse application examples: 1) “The penthouse is characterized by the fact that it ...

Simple apartment: "Today, Hans-Peter Knackstedt was able to add, the district residential building offers different standards from the simple apartment to the penthouse," And that at the well-known above-average district residential building level. ""

Penthouses:… IPA: [ˈpɛntˌhaʊ̯səs] Grammatical features: Genitive singular of the noun Penthouse Nominative plural of the noun Penthouse Genitive plural of the noun Penthouse…

Thesaurus: residential building: ... Emergency housing Homeless shelter Homeless shelter Upper floor Ground floor Pawlatschen Penthouse Pile building Post house Prefabricated building Qarmaq Quinzhee Ranch-style House ...

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