What makes a good foreign minister?

Become the head of a ministry

Help shape environmental policy, but how?

In fact, anyone can become a minister

Anyone who is 18 years old. In addition, he or she should have an interest in politics or in shaping the world around them, making it better. Politics is a big word, but it starts with small things and ideas. So also environmental policy.

You have certainly already thought about nature or environmental protection. Maybe you already have good ideas on one or the other topic, then share them with your classmates, teachers and your family. It starts with very simple questions, such as where water and energy can be saved in everyday life. Where unnecessary rubbish is created that could be used more than once. Which could be reused for a purpose other than the original one. Perhaps talk about the concept of sustainability and how it can be implemented in your environment. In short: talk about your environment and treat it as carefully as possible.

Interest in social changes

Anyone who wants to become a minister must feel the desire to change things, circumstances and attitudes in such a way that they become better for as many people as possible. He / she should have a positive impact on people's lives and want to stand up for their concerns. Convince others of your ideas and inspire them. At the same time, however, being able to respect other opinions and with their help to achieve common results. To do this, he / she has to listen carefully to others and try to understand their points of view.

Don't get discouraged if others don't agree with you straight away, nothing is more convincing than good arguments. Sometimes you just need the right moment to present them. A minister needs patience, and a lot of patience is often required before one's own goals can be achieved. You may already have noticed - school and your family are excellent "training grounds" for these skills. Whether it's a lecture on climate or species protection or trying to convince dad to use a more economical washing machine.

Do you regularly succeed in winning your friends over to your concerns, getting your families excited about your ideas, and convincingly presenting topics in your class? Then you have what it takes to be a good politician. And at the end of a long road, you might one day convince the Chancellor of your passion, because he or she will propose you for the ministerial post. But there is still a little time until then.

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