Should I fall a third time

What if I fail exams?

1. How many exam attempts do you have?

At most universities you have a total of three attempts for a module examination. If you fail the third attempt, you will be de-registered. But you can't generalize that. Because there are certainly additional regulations at some universities, such as that you can take an oral supplementary examination if you fail the third attempt. It is not uncommon for the third attempt to be an oral supplementary examination.

Furthermore, at some universities you have the option of one "Free trial": If you fail the exam, you can have it recognized as an invalid attempt. If you are dissatisfied with your grade, you can also cancel the attempt and improve it in the next attempt. Whether and how many free attempts your degree includes extremely subject-specific. To avoid the limitations of the Corona pandemic To counteract this, many universities have supplemented this regulation. In North Rhine-Westphalia, this regulation was even introduced for almost all universities in the state.

In addition, some institutions still have the (now somewhat outdated) “penalty points” rule. However, this regulation is structured very differently. As a rule, you have a quota of penalty points that you are not allowed to use up. You usually receive penalty points as soon as you fail an exam twice. With this regulation it is possible to repeat the same test very often.

By the way: Those who are registered for an exam should also appear for it. If you do not log out and do not show up, the attempt counts as a failed.