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What are complete and meaningful application documents?

Author: Dipl.-Wirt.-Inf. Stephan Reins
Post updated: 24.09.2020

In job advertisements one can read again and again "Please send your complete application documents by email to ..."Or"Please send us your detailed application documents by post to ...". But what is actually one significant application and what is the difference to one complete application?

To make the chaos complete, there are those too informative application. We are trying to bring some air into the application jungle.

Meaningful application documents

First of all, a relief, there is no difference between the meaningful and the meaningful. Meaningful and meaningful in this context means that the application documents are tailored to the company and the position.

That concerns the Scope of the application documents and the cover letter and résumé content level.

According to the scope, only documents that are really relevant to the profession should be enclosed with the application. As a rule, this does not include a certificate of employment in the local fire brigade. Also, not every further training course and every certificate should be placed as a separate annex. If the job advertisement requires knowledge of the company's SAP ERP system, then it naturally makes sense to enclose a corresponding SAP certificate. Otherwise, a reference in the résumé is sufficient. The last job reference or interim reference should always be enclosed with the application.

But when is a document "relevant" for the application?

Ask yourself the question: Do I have an advantage over the competition if I enclose this document with my application? If you can say yes, then put it in! If you are unsure, you can include a sentence such as "I would be happy to send you further documents on request“Integrate. Please do not inflate the application documents artificially with attachments. Brevity is the soul of wit.

In addition to the scope of the application documents, the cover text must also be tailored to the position and the company. This primarily includes the arguments and statements for your suitability and your motivation (for the position and for the company). Under no circumstances should a standard letter be written! For the résumé it means that certain, relevant stations are explained in more detail, while other stations are simply named so that there is no gap in the résumé.

Please note the contributions to the cover letter and the résumé. There the topics are dealt with in detail with examples.

Complete application

The complete application must also meet the criteria of a "meaningful application". The specialty here is that no short application, consisting of a cover letter and a résumé, should be sent.

A complete application consists of a cover letter, curriculum vitae (usually the tabular curriculum vitae), certificates (school, university, training) as well as job references, evidence and certification. Optionally, a cover sheet and a third page can also be created. The application photo does not need to be sent in accordance with the General Equal Treatment Act (AGG). However, it is still common at most companies. As with a meaningful application, only application documents relevant to the position are to be considered here.

Information required by the employer, such as the earliest possible starting date or salary expectations, must also be provided. Missing information usually leads to the application being rejected.

One final word:

It doesn't matter which application form is desired according to the job advertisement, every application should meet the rules of a meaningful application. Please avoid standard applications and invest the time necessary to tailor your application to the respective company. Your effort will be rewarded with a better response rate.

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