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China - The Middle Kingdom

Impressive, varied landscapes, a fascinating juxtaposition of tradition and modernity, rural seclusion or the pulsating life of modern metropolises: these are just some of the advantages that the Middle Kingdom has to offer those who want to travel to China. Experience the fascination of a culture that is thousands of years old - individually and tailored to your needs.

Probably one of the most astonishing features of the fourth largest country on earth is the omnipresent juxtaposition of tradition and modernity. China was already a high culture when Europe was still ruled by the Dark Ages - a world empire with a rich literary tradition, highly developed medicine, architecture and philosophy. Travelers to China come across these historical treasures at every turn. Classic forms have also found their way into modern architecture and created their own architectural style, which fascinates with its independence and aesthetics. At the same time, China has made an impressive connection with the modern age and has developed rapidly. The social and economic changes of the last decade have given rise to modern metropolises that meet the highest standards in terms of comfort, cultural offers, entertainment and leisure opportunities. Meanwhile, the Middle Kingdom is one of the leading economic nations in the world - one more reason to get to know its fascinating culture first hand.

As one of the largest large states in the world, China offers an astonishing diversity: Sublime mountain landscapes, ancient temples and some of the greatest architectural achievements in the world are waiting to be discovered by you. On our China trips you will get to know the Great Wall and impressive imperial residences, visit magnificent temples and experience the country and its people up close. Our many years of experience and our excellent contacts will also take you to places away from the traditional tourist centers - insider tips that will give you an authentic picture of Chinese culture.

Traveling to China is also an experience from a culinary point of view: the diverse regional specialties of Chinese cuisine alone are worth a trip. Each of the twenty-two provinces offers different culinary traditions and surprises the traveler with a variety of exotic delights. Rice, which is usually associated with Asian cuisine, does not always play the main role: noodle dishes were already being prepared in China 4,000 years ago - and in the meantime an enormous variety of dishes has developed based on the versatile pasta plays an important role in the Chinese diet, especially at festivities and important occasions.

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