What splits in blackjack

Blackjack strategies for all types of players

Of course, there are different strategies for blackjack. We have put together a real blackjack strategy guide for you. With the blackjack hit chart you will learn the basic strategy of the game. The dealer cards are shown horizontally, the player’s cards in the first vertical column. In the intersection you can read how their reaction should be from the point of view of game algebra. The symbols have the following meaning: S = stand, H = hit, P = split, Ds = double down if allowed, otherwise stand, Dh = double down if allowed, otherwise hit, Ph = split only if doubling is allowed afterwards, otherwise hit, rh = surrender if allowed, otherwise hit.

Before setting your stake, check your casino's withdrawal policy. The odds for a blackjack should be at least 3: 2. The basic strategy already presented works excellently even with 2 decks. We'll be introducing the expansion for 4 decks or more. Some players also swear by blackjack insurance. However, it should only be used sparingly. The chance of winning is around 48%, so simply doubling the stake if you lose the game will not help as a strategy.

Blackjack strategies for 4 and more decks of cards

Some casinos use up to 8 decks of cards in blackjack. This results in a much more complex game algebra, but there is also a mathematical solution for this. Familiarize yourself with the table. The strategically correct decision must 'pass into their flesh and blood'. You need to know at all times whether you are drawing a card or standing. So that you are fully concentrated, avoid large amounts of alcohol or gamble when you are tired. A cheat sheet might help, but it won't go down well in every casino. You can access various online blackjack calculators and calculate your odds. However, it is much more important to train and use a favorite strategy. If you are enthusiastic about Blackjack and you want more knowledge, we are at your side and provide you with new information and strategies over and over again.

Can you win blackjack using the Martingale rules?

Many gamers these days swear by Martingale. After a loss, the stake is doubled. A good strategy in roulette, this approach can be dangerous in blackjack. Not only does the bet increase very quickly, but most blackjack tables have a maximum bet. If it is reached, the Martingale strategy no longer works.

Win by counting blackjack cards - it works

Many players ask how blackjack card counting works. You try to estimate whether there is still a high card in the stack. Here are the blackjack cards counting instructions: The card values ​​up to 6 count +1, the next three values ​​(7, 8, 9) do not count and are valued at zero. For the higher values, 1 is deducted, i.e. -1 is calculated. After each shuffling of the cards you start the calculation all over again. If the result is greater than zero, more is used; if the value is less than zero, it is more careful. In the old days only one deck was used and card counting in blackjack was comparatively easy. If you play with many decks, it is much more difficult. In the online casinos, the deck of cards does not really exist, but the software generates the next card value. Counting doesn't make much sense anymore.