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Telephone spam: These are the most annoying phone numbers in Germany

Spam is an annoying problem for all sections of the population - regardless of whether the messages come by e-mail or telephone. A current report shows the state of spam calls in Germany.

The phone rings and someone wants to sell you a new electricity provider without asking? Then you are most likely the victim of a phone call - also known as a spam call. These are calls in which telephone numbers were misused, writes the Federal Network Agency on its website.

The company Clever Dialer analyzed the most frequent spam calls in a telephone spam index. For its investigation, the company evaluated more than two million spam calls. In a current report, Clever Dialer also writes which regions of Germany are particularly affected by spam - and which numbers users should best put on the block list.

Beware of these calls

According to Clever Dialer, there is a cost trap behind 26 percent of all spam calls. This is where fraudsters try to sell users expensive offers. In 24 percent of cases, users complain about competitions that involve subscriptions: allegedly, users have won something. But in order to be able to claim the profit, you must first take out a subscription, for example with a newspaper.

You should also be wary of pinging calls. According to Clever Dialer, these account for about every tenth spam call. The cell phone or telephone only rings briefly during ping calls. Anyone who calls back the number is either referred to a high-priced number via a tape announcement - or redirected to it straight away. Read more about ping calls here.

There are also surveys and advertising or sales calls. For the latter, the following applies: If users have not previously agreed to an advertising call, this is prohibited in Germany.

You should block these numbers

According to Clever Dialer, most spam calls have the area code 030, so the callers are based in Berlin. Numbers with area codes for Hamburg and Frankfurt are in second and third place. In fact, most of the spam phone numbers come from Germany.

Those who work during the day are also less likely to notice spam calls. Because according to Clever Dialer, 90 percent of spam calls were received on a weekday after eight o'clock, especially on a Wednesday. Most spammers called in the mornings, especially between ten and eleven o'clock. There were fewer calls at the weekend. According to Clever Dialer, only about three percent of all spam calls in 2019 were on a Sunday.

Clever Dialer calls "+4943217833993" the "nerve number of the year 2019". According to user reports, callers are trying to persuade consumers to switch electricity providers. Consumers should also beware of the numbers "+491779748631" and "+4930255598409".

How to report spam calls to the Federal Network Agency

According to the Federal Network Agency's list of measures, a shutdown has already been requested for at least "+4943217833993". Anyone who is called by a spammer should report the number to the Federal Network Agency. If enough complaints are received, the authority can arrange for the number to be blocked. On the website of the Federal Network Agency you will find a complaint form that you can fill out online. Click here to go to the page.

If you want to protect yourself from spam calls in general, you should give your phone number on as few portals and pages as possible: be it competitions or social networks. In general, you should be stingy with your data on the net in order to avoid fraud. You should delete unused accounts. This reduces the risk of unknown people gaining access to your data in the event of a successful hacker attack on the respective platform. Read here how to find and delete forgotten accounts.

Whoever is called should not provide any personal information, such as an account number. Don't let a caller put you under pressure either. If the interlocutor demands money, you should hang up. Anyone who has already become a victim of fraud should report to the local police station.