How do cars end up at auctions

Car auction

The car auction is by far one of the best ways to get cheap car ownership. Primarily used vehicles are auctioned at the auctions, which often change hands for little money. Therefore, all potential used car buyers can only be advised to go to an auction and, if necessary, even bid on a vehicle themselves.

The majority of motorists have to admit that they have been to such an auction or have taken part in it. For this reason alone, you should take the opportunity and go to an appropriate event. You don't have to bid for a car right away. A visit is also worthwhile to get a feel for the vehicle auctions, so that you can later take advantage of the opportunity to buy a cheap car yourself.

Car auctions are carried out by several providers. On the whole, there are two types of auction to be distinguished. On the one hand, corresponding vehicle auctions are carried out by the authorities or by customs and police. It is primarily company vehicles that go under the hammer there. Cars that have been confiscated and no longer picked up by their owners will also be auctioned.

On the other hand, so-called bankruptcy auctions are carried out. These are auctions where vehicles go under the hammer that have been loaned for a loan. The principle is simple: if someone needs a loan, they can deposit their car with a pawnbroker as security. If he cannot repay his loan or extend the loan within the agreed period, the vehicles end up in the auction.

Beginners in particular are usually better advised to concentrate on the auctions at which seized or loaned vehicles are auctioned. With these vehicles, the papers are always complete and there is less need to worry about the condition of the vehicle: Since the vehicles were previously driven by the borrowers themselves, they are usually in a comparatively good condition.