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Re: Instagram - anyone experience it?


Krosser87 wrote:
miezekatze wrote:
Krosser87 wrote:I deal with older vehicles from the former GDR
Do you think your customers, probably mostly older people (?), Even know what Instagram is?
I'm logged into Instagram myself and see how many followers some private profiles have
80% of these are also private accounts that fall into one of these categories:
- User with their own YouTube channel that brings the user
- Users who show a lot of bare skin and thus keep the male users engaged.
- Users who are some kind of B-celebrity. Be it a footballer friend, "fitness guru" etc.

Then there are the countless fake and spam accounts for around 9-10 months. 70% of my new Instagram followers are not real on closer inspection.
fossi wrote:Instagram?
Wasn't that this picture-like service for mega-hip iPhone townspeople with boredom?
PS: I have an account corpse there myself, but only to see what the thing can do.
Personally, I'm not particularly convinced that this something should really bring customers (it doesn't work for me on Facebook) and therefore prefer to use other advertising opportunities ...
I follow on Instagram z. B. the scene around handmade knives / tools, custom bikes etc. It seems to be one of the most popular means of communication, especially in the USA.
- New products are shown in production,
- there is a look behind the scenes,
- Special sales and promotions will be announced.
- You are giving away collectibles as a promotion

The reactions that come then are impressive. Of course, this is difficult to do if you only sell 0815 items. That is also the reason why I only travel there privately. The "must-have" factor for z. B. toilet paper just not there.

If Instagram continues to develop as it has before, I will also see more of a black.
At some point the market is simply saturated. Manufacturers of personal care products, protein fitness powders, clothing, animal toys, etc. would have to burn unbelievable amounts of money. Every halfway interesting user "promotes" things more or less well done and thus earns pocket money. It should be clear to everyone that this is only possible with inferior and totally overpriced products.