What is the attraction for leather clothing

varnish and leather

In the clothing sector, leather is also associated with eroticism. Everything is offered, from leather whips and collars to skin-tight patent leather clothing. There is a huge offer for this fetish scene on Google and YouTube.

Erotic leather as straps, boots or skin-tight clothing.


The word sequence “lacquer & leather” has established itself for this erotic scene. The word combination “lacquer and leather” is generally used to refer to the erotic relationship to these materials. “Latex” is also often mentioned because it is made skin-tight and lacquer-like as erotic clothing. But whether latex or leather, for friends of this fetish skin-tight leather clothing exerts a special erotic charm over rounded body parts.

Dominas and the gay scene also use a wide range of leather straps as clothing and / or for restraint in addition to leather clothing. This often includes a leather whip.

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