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Events as an integral part of the marketing mix: Why live is sometimes best

Last week the kickoff meeting of our customer Ferrari electronic took place. We were there and report here why such an event simply has to be part of the marketing mix.

Ferrari electronic, a medium-sized IT company from the greater Berlin area, invites its partners once or twice a year to inform them about new products and strategies. I have been representing vibrio for a good four years.

We often do the tweeting live from the event.

We report live via Twitter and collect impressions that we then share with the trade and channel press. The “colorful” pages available there can be filled with varied stories, as the example of ChannelPartner shows.

Events belong in the marketing mix

Last Friday it was that time again, this time around 50 participants met in the Berlin Olympic Stadium. Anyone who, like me, has experience in the event business knows: Even an event of this size is not a stick and as a Markomm employee you have to bring the right arguments to get the budget for it. The personal meeting is definitely one of the must-haves in the marketing mix:

Only goes live: sniffing and getting up close and personal

At an event, we have the opportunity to get in direct contact with the brand and its representatives, the employees. We can feel with all our senses how the potential business partners tick, have the opportunity to exchange ideas or to smell each other in a pleasant atmosphere. This is particularly important for companies like Ferrari electronic, which rely on a good partnership with the external sales landscape. Without the personal level and the nice togetherness - for example on a stadium tour or cooking together - it is difficult to create the necessary trust and commitment on both sides that you need for daily business.

At the end of the event, the UC specialists and the guests were allowed to look into the pots of the professional chefs.

Storytelling as an element of a successful event

Many companies are aware of the high relevance of this experience, some companies, for example, perfect their trade fair appearances with certain smells, which this case study from Vodafone shows at CeBIT. But you can also strengthen the positive image with less effort: Ferrari electronic always succeeds in finding an exciting new location and building a comprehensive storytelling around it. The motto of the last event in autumn 2016 was “Lived digital transformation”. The setting was a historic gas station in Potsdam near the Glienecker Bridge, known as an exchange place for agents between East and West.

Historical backdrop for the Innovation Day 2016: The Glienecker Bridge in Potsdam.

The event and trade fair business is therefore an opportunity to develop business contacts into personal relationships and at the same time to strengthen the image of your own brand. If companies also use these events for press work and social media communication, they should not be missing in any marketing plan.

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