What are the plural forms of nouns

Rules of plural formation

If you form the plural of a noun, the following endings can be used:
-en, -e, -n, -s, -er
be appended.
Some nouns use the plural without ending educated.

Plural formation Examples
-en Human - human, woman - women
-e Horse - horses, dog - dogs
-n Hare - hares, aunt - aunts
-s Grandpa - grandpas, car - cars
-he Child - children, house - houses
-O Student - student, tiger - tiger

For some nouns, the changes when the plural is formed umlaut. Examples:
Daughter - daughters, hand - hands, leaf - leaves

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Singular and plural nouns

There are words that can only in the singular or only in the plural stand.

Examples of words that are only in the singular Examples of words that are only in the plural
luck parents
milk siblings
love People