Will Android or iOS win in the long run

Google should be ashamed of Android - because of iOS 14! A comment

Panagiotis Kolokythas

Apple introduces iOS 14 and even very old iPhones receive the update. Google's Android should be ashamed of that.

EnlargeThe update policy for Android is ... annoying!
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A commentary by Panagiotis Kolokythas

And by that I don't mean what oh-so-great innovations the iPhones with iOS 14 will receive, as our Macwelt colleagues proudly report after the WWDC 2020 keynote on Monday evening. For free. After all, the Android faction will get a few tidbits later this year with Android 11. But guess what? In all likelihood, you have an Android device that will unfortunately not receive these Android innovations.

5 years of software updates for iOS! And Android?

So it annoys me all the more how Apple is showing off its main competitor "Android" when it comes to update policy. Because even the iPhone 6S from 2015 has iOS 14. Yes - you read that right. From 2015! In the same year, Samsung launched the Galaxy S5 with Android 4 on the market, which only received Android 6 as an official update before it was sidelined by Samsung in 2017.

Google diligently delivers new Android updates every year, but many manufacturers of Android smartphones still don't care. Most cell phones get major Android updates for a year to a maximum of two years. After that you are on your own. After all, manufacturers want to sell new devices and then adorn themselves with a "yes - this new device also has the new Android".

Google can't really put pressure on to finally get manufacturers to change their strategy - and somehow they seem to have given up. In the past, Google regularly published information on this website about how widespread the different Android versions are. Google is now doing without that. Probably because Google has become too embarrassed by itself. According to Statcounter, Android 10 is currently only 18.69 percent and Android 9 is 34.66 percent. And Android 11 is already in the starting blocks.

Android users also have the right to a long update guarantee

So Google - something has to change urgently if Android wants to hold its own against iOS over the long term. Android buyers also have a right to remain happy for a long time with their smartphone, which costs more than 1,200 euros. The market leaders Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi and whatever their names are, should pay less attention to the sober sales figures of their devices and more to happy Android users.

Maybe I'm just too strict with Google and Android. Therefore, I would be interested in your opinion on this topic. Just write me an email!