Who cares about Harry Potter?

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David Yates, based on the novel by J.K. Rowling
Country and year of publication:
Great Britain / USA 2008
Age rating of the FSK:
from 12 years
Age recommendation:
worth seeing from 12 years

In the sixth part of the series everything points to the upcoming decisive battle between Harry Potter and the evil Lord Voldemort. The Death Eaters sent by him are becoming more and more aggressive and destroy London's Millennium Bridge right at the beginning of the film in the Muggle world. No one is safe from their attacks at Hogwarts either. Professor Dumbledore is preparing Harry for his upcoming assignment. For this reason, he is also bringing Potions professor Horace Slughorn back to Hogwarts from his retirement. Slughorn's former student, the young Tom Riddle, had been interested in the dark arts as a child before he later became the dreaded Lord Voldemort. Harry is now to find out what really happened in a fateful encounter between Tom and Slughorn. Dumbledore believes he can finally defeat Valdemort. Harry earns himself respect at Slughorn by making a magic potion. He takes the relevant tips from a textbook that once belonged to the half-blood prince. Harry still has no idea who is behind this name. At the same time, Harry and Professor Dumbledore are in serious danger from Harry's long-time opponent Draco Malfoy, who, like Harry, sees himself as the "chosen one" and is supposed to fulfill a terrible mission on behalf of the Lord.

In addition to all these threats, the friends have another problem due to the confusion of their emotional life. None of them can protect themselves from it, and no spell will help them here either. Harry falls in love with Ginny Weasley, the younger sister of his best friend Ron. But she goes with another boy. Ron has done it the self-confident and brash Lavender Brown. When Ron gets involved with her, Hermione is deeply hurt. Because she has been in love with Ron for a long time, but can not show her feelings. To make Ron jealous, she meets the arrogant student Cormac McLaggen, who competed against Ron in Quidditch and almost defeated him. At the end of the sixth part, the romantic entanglements can be largely clarified, but the final battle against the Dark Lord, who unfortunately demands a prominent sacrifice in this part, remains reserved for the seventh part.

As with the fifth part, again directed by David Yates, who will also film the last book "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows". The older the young wizards get in the unique success story of the difficulties of growing up, the greater the problems they have to deal with. The sixth year of training at Hogwarts is surprising in its cinematic implementation: The fantastic elements and the combative confrontation with supernatural forces slightly fade into the background. Instead, the focus is on the relationship problems of the three friends, which is no less exciting given the length of the film, which is more than two and a half hours. Despite being overflowing in love, unrequited love and even jealousy, these scenes are staged very carefully, especially with Hermione, who fears that she has now lost Ron to someone else. They seem downright touching and make the three friends look younger than they actually are. Humorous inserts also provide entertainment, for example when Ron accidentally eats chocolates that have been prepared with a love potion. As a result, he can no longer control his emotions for the pleasure of others.

On the other hand, things get really exciting with the three-dimensional Quidditch game. The actors had to be free from giddiness and were hung on invisible ropes and whirled through the air in all directions. In the film it looks like they are chasing wildly through the air on their witch brooms. It gets really scary in a cave off the wild and romantic Irish west coast. The cave itself, however, was completely computer generated to make the scene even more shocking. There Harry has to pass a major test that makes him ready for the adult world.

The sixth part of the theatrical adaptation also follows the overall literary draft of the British author J.K. Rowling. It consists in the consistent development of a coming-of-age story, i.e. a story about the loss of childhood and innocence as well as the entry into the world of adults with all its difficulties. Harry has long since ceased to be a student, he is treated more like a son by Professor Dumbledore and like his future successor. However, the magnitude of the threat forces the professor to ask Harry to do tasks that are actually too difficult for his age. To compensate for this, the friendship between Harry, Ron and Hermione can cope with all endurance tests, from the dangers of Valdemort to the romantic entanglements. Harry, too, is ultimately of the opinion that he is asking too much of his friends. In the end, they teach him better and bring him back down to earth. Because what would Harry even be the "chosen one" without his friends?

Thomas Werner