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Arrival by land


In addition to the relaxed journey by ferry, it is of course also possible to travel overland. Especially if you come from the western and northern parts of Germany, the overland route can be the better and shorter way to get there.

On your way to Sweden you will have to cross two toll bridges. On the one hand the "Storebelt Bridge"and on the other hand the"Oresund Bridge". The cost of the approximately 2.7-kilometer-long Storebelt Bridge is 35 euros per car (up to 6 meters in length). Different prices apply to cars with trailers and mobile homes. To view the entire price table, click here.

The last stretch towards Sweden leads from Copenhagen into the approx. 4 km long "Drogden Tunnel", which sinks into the sea. After the approx. 4 km long tunnel journey you drive over the artificial island "Peberholm" to the 7.8 km long Øresund bridge. Thanks to the average height of around 57 meters, you have a great view of the open sea. A single crossing with a car (up to 6 meters in length) costs 53 euros. The crossing can also be booked online, in which case the price is 48 euros. You can find the entire price table here.

If you have any questions about the two bridges, or if you are unsure, just contact us. We will help you with your questions.

You can find important information about traffic in Sweden here.

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