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IQ test for children

When parents want to know how intelligent their child is, it is often because they suspect (or fear) very high or very low intelligence. In all other cases, normal school exams or progress tests are usually sufficient.

Since IQ tests for children are only required under special circumstances, the persons concerned often have a very special interest in the results. Does the child need a special school? Is it highly gifted and does it need balancing forms of teaching? Results of this kind can have far-reaching consequences.

Therefore, there are no free intelligence tests for children. Because of the potential consequences, such tests should only be performed by professional testers and under controlled conditions.

Still want to know how intelligent your child is?

There are, of course, easier ways to learn more about a child's intelligence than comprehensive IQ tests for children. You can try to observe how easily (and quickly) a child solves logical problems or perceives similarities between different situations. This can give clear indications, although this procedure is of course not standardized and objective.

For more information about your child's intelligence, have a good psychologist or educator work with your child's school to develop a children's IQ test.

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