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Seoul Kitchen: Korean cuisine in the heart of Augsburg

Off to the (still) unknown

Korea? That's somewhere in Asia. Aside from knowing that it is somewhere in Asia, most of us will be less familiar with Korean culture. Which is actually a shame, especially as soon as you take a look at Korean cuisine. The owners of Seoul Kitchen have brought a piece of their home to us in Augsburg and have been pampering their guests with Korean specialties ever since. Soyoung Mum is a pioneer in Augsburg with this idea.

Why does this only exist now?

Looking at the menu, we wish that Augsburg had been delighted with the Korean delicacies much earlier. At first glance, the dishes may take a bit of getting used to for the European palate - for example, cabbage stew with pork and tofu. But you shouldn't let that scare you off, you should definitely grab it. Your taste buds will thank you anyway. If you prefer to rely on the tried and tested, you still don't go home hungry. Culinary classics such as fried noodles with duck or glass noodle salad are also on the menu.

The so-called "kimchi" have the same degree of awareness that the Maultaschen are in our country. These are vegetables that are prepared with the help of lactic acid fermentation and are traditionally prepared in Korea to store vitamin C for the winter. This is then on the menu almost every day. In the Seoul Kitchen you can enjoy it prepared as a stew in conjunction with tofu.

It has to be fresh

Korean cuisine is considered to be one of the healthiest cuisines in the world. No wonder, because the dishes are dominated by delicious vegetables, fresh fish and seafood and are reminiscent of Japanese cuisine. A special feature is the exclusive use of fresh products, which is why you may have to wait a little for the food in the Seoul Kitchen. As a reward, a delicious menu full of culinary highlights awaits you. We think: you have to try it out!

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