Is the deadlift safer than the squat?

What is the opposite exercise to squat?

Well, we have to divide the body into meaningful parts.


For exercises where we push forward, e.g. B. in push-ups, we mainly train the chest, triceps and anterior deltoids.

For exercises where we pull backwards, e.g. B. in reverse rows, we train the upper back and biceps. These muscles are opposite to those in the pushing exercises.

With squats, I'm not sure we can follow the same pattern. While squatting, you do a lot of quadriceps work. On the other hand is the Achilles tendon, but the squat works that too.

While squatting, we also train the lower back. On the other side are the abs, but again, the squat forces you to activate that muscle group in order to maintain proper posture.

That is why we love and preach the glory of the crouch. It does so many things at once.


While it works all of these muscle groups, it works some more than others. For example, the quadriceps are far more active than the hamstrings. Fortunately, we have other movements that work much of the same areas but with different emphases.

For example, the deadlift also works quads, hamstrings, lower back, abs, etc., but requires more hamstring work than the squat.

Bottom line

As for your question, I'm not sure the squat has an "opposite" exercise in this regard. Just complementary .

Oh, and when in doubt about whether to make this move or that move, the answer is usually both. Diversity is the key.

Matt W.

Your 4th paragraph seems to be the most straightforward answer to the question. The third sentence in this paragraph is the most interesting - How does the crouch train the Achilles tendon? Is it just by controlling the ankle?