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40s music - list of the best German music of the 1940s

The Germans experienced moving years in the 1940s and probably wasted only a few thoughts on the music. Nevertheless, the 40s were a musically very interesting decade and in retrospect, the great songs of that time found their deserved recognition. If you are in the mood for elegant women and chic men in the 40s style, you should listen to the following list with the best songs!

The best 40's music

  • Alda Noni - Buy yourself a colorful balloon
  • Bully Buhlan - We're dancing polka again
  • Cornel-Trio - The Rose from Lake Wörthersee
  • Cornel-Trio - Weekend and Sunshine
  • The Three Travelers - Gisela (Hello Little Miss)
  • The Three Travelers - Hello Little Miss (Gisela)
  • The Three Travelers - homesickness for Kurfürstendamm
  • Evelyn Künnecke - hocus-pocus
  • Evelyn Künnecke - Sing nightingale, sing
  • Gerhard Wendland - When the bells ring brightly
  • Gerhard Wendland - If once in distant days
  • Hans Albers - The first time, it still hurts
  • Hans Albers - Good bye, Jonny
  • Hans Albers - Hein Mück from Bremerhaven
  • Hans Albers - La Paloma
  • Hans Holt - high up on the mountain
  • Heinz Rühmann - Wanderlied (A tailor who has to wander)
  • Helmut Zacharias - Nice weather today
  • Horst Winter - I call all women baby
  • Horst Winter - two in one big city
  • Ilja Glusgal - Mary of Brahia
  • Ilse Werner - you and me in the moonlight
  • Ilse Werner - My heart has ‘premiere today
  • Ilse Werner - With the last tram
  • Ilse Werner - We make music
  • Johannes Heesters - I'll play with you
  • Johannes Heesters - You should be able to play the piano
  • Karl Berbuer - Trizonesia Song
  • Kirsten Heiberg - I'm free today, gentlemen
  • Kurt Widmann - When the white lilac blooms again
  • Lale Andersen - It will all pass, it will all pass
  • Lale Andersen - Lili Marleen
  • Lale Andersen - Under the red lantern of St. Pauli
  • Magda Hain - Casanova-Lied (Come on, Casanova)
  • Magda Hain - seagull, you are flying home
  • Margot Hielscher - women are not angels
  • Maria Andergast & Hans Lang - Mariandl
  • Marika Rökk - For a night full of bliss
  • Marika Rökk - People don't like to be alone at night
  • Marika Rökk - Sing with me
  • Rita Paul - Barbara, Barbara, come with me to Africa
  • Rosita Serrano - It was always so nice with you
  • Rosita Serrano - After every goodbye there is a rejection
  • Rudi Schuricke - Goodbye
  • Rudi Schuricke - Capri fisherman
  • Rudi Schuricke - home, your stars
  • Rudi Schuricke - Everything goes better with music
  • Rudi Schuricke - If I only knew who I kissed (At midnight at the Lido)
  • Rudolf Carl - Dear little conductress
  • Schuricke trio - music sounds very soft
  • Schuricke-Terzett - Young Man in Spring
  • Schuricke trio - ride, little rider
  • Theo Lingen - Theodor in the football goal
  • Will Glahé - In single file
  • Willy Fritsch - Hans in hand, we two go
  • Willy Fritsch - When a young man comes
  • Zarah Leander - The world won't end on that
  • Zarah Leander - His name is Waldemar
  • Zarah Leander - I know a miracle will happen one day
  • Zarah Leander - New happiness every night

And now have fun listening and partying in the style of the 1940s! We hope that there were good songs for you. If you are still missing something, you can enter the artist and title in the form below. We would be very happy about your help!

What's the best song of the 40s?

The best song of the 40s is "Cornel-Trio - Weekend and Sunshine". Even if the song was only published in 1949, it expresses the mood a few years after the end of the war in Germany: Finally, good times are coming back and finally being able to enjoy life again carefree. Millions of people in Germany had this dream and hardly any other song could express this longing as well as "Weekend and Sunshine" by Cornel-Trio.

Who are the most famous musicians of the 40s?

The most popular artists in the 1940s were Evelyn Künnecke, Ilse Werner, Lale Andersen and Zarah Leander. Nowadays one would say that these artists were real "stars" and were well known throughout Germany. People could marvel at their stars on film and television, and the newspapers reported regularly about them.

The best compilations

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Batman Begins
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The Producers
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What your favorite song

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