What should my training plan consist of?

Training & training principles

Every load - particularly strenuous training - causes fatigue or exhaustion after a while, depending on the level of training. The efficiency is reduced or canceled. All training effects - be they health or sports - only appear in the subsequent recovery. During recovery, the energy stores are filled again and the growth processes can take place.

NoteNo training effects without recovery.

It's all about repetition

In order to maintain or expand the increase in performance, a regular repetition of movement stimuli at certain time intervals is necessary. If the recovery phases are too long, the training effect is lost. Recovery phases that are too short hinder or prevent overcompensation and can even reduce performance. In sport, one speaks of overtraining.

If movement stimuli remain the same over a longer period of time, the level of performance also remains the same. A slow increase in the exposure dose (duration and / or frequency), on the other hand, leads to further adjustments - performance increases further.

NoteWith an efficiency of around 30 percent above the average values ​​of the respective age group (reference values), the ratio between training effort and benefit is optimal. This corresponds to a training effort of around three hours per week. With this level of performance you are in top shape for all demanding physical leisure activities. The health benefits are no longer significantly increased by more training. An increase in performance is possible, but only through significantly more training.

Load - for a lifetime

Regular (every week) and lifelong training is necessary in order to maintain a high level of performance over the long term. Certain health effects, for example a lower risk of cancer, are only given through long years of physical activity.

What is being trained?

Physical adaptations mainly take place in the stressed organ system. So will through Endurance training medium intensity primarily that Cardiovascular system stimulated and improved. For effects on the Strength performance must have a corresponding Strength training be performed.

Everyone has different requirements for training. It is therefore important to adapt the measures to age, personal performance, state of health, but also to personal preferences.