How should you think about happiness

Living happily: 7 things that happy people make better

Today, on International Happiness Day, is a great opportunity to reflect on happiness. Hardly any other topic is more written about than what mankind strives for most across cultures: living in harmony with one's values, in short called happiness.

In the Western culture, prosperity and success are considered values ​​and thus as Happiness indicators.

But are people who come close to these values ​​therefore happier than others? In general, people consider themselves happy if they live by their values. Depending on the society, these values ​​can be very different, but some of them are too universal (Health, love, friendship).

discontent people feel when they live in dissonance with their values ​​or neglect values ​​that are actually important to them. So whether a person is happy or not is individually depending on his values. Becoming aware of your own values ​​is the first step to happiness.

In addition, happiness research has also dealt with how happiness is represented in concrete terms in behavior, attitudes and habits. How do happy people live according to their values ​​and what do they do right? Here are a few insights and suggestions:

1. Happy people think of themselves first

It sounds paradoxical, but those who are happy put their own needs above those of others. Happy people know that self-love doesn't mean selfishness. You know the subtle difference. They only develop their full potential for others when they are satisfied themselves.

2. Happy people embrace impermanence

Life is fleeting and impermanent. Satisfied people gain something positive from it. Everything has it's time. Job, relationships, friendships, and experiences come and go. They are emotional masters of the balance between holding on and letting go.

3. Happy people live their visions

Satisfied people know their values ​​and pursue their visions with a lot of energy and without being deterred. Even if they look crazy or ridiculous in the eyes of others, they go ahead with their business.

4. Happy people are generous

You give a lot to others, but without the expectation of getting anything in return. This humble attitude leads to a deep inner connection with yourself. You don't need a lot of money to be happy either. It is the experience that makes life rich.

5. Happy people don't have to be liked

Of course it's nice when others like you, but it doesn't matter that much for happy people. The only thing that matters is that you like yourself. This energy is often attractive to others. Even if they have a lot of friends, they don't depend on being liked by them.

6. Happy people see the positives

For them the glass is half full. Even bad news such as a rejection of an application is rated positively, because after all, the next position can be much better. They know that there is still something good waiting for them in the game of life.

7. To happy people, all people are the same

You like the diversity of people. Nobody is prejudiced or insulted, but respected. Out of a deeply felt inner satisfaction, the happy accept everything different, because the other is entitled to the same feeling of satisfaction.

How is it with you? Could you find yourself here again? What is happiness for you? What are your values? We look forward to your thoughts.