Why don't most people use tongue cleaners

Tongue cleaning: how useful is it?

Clean your tongue - that's how it works

There are different ways to remove the tongue plaque.

Remove tongue plaque with medicinal herbs

Medicinal herbs like sage, myrrh and thyme kill the germs on the tongue. You can either apply appropriate herbal tinctures to the tongue with a cotton swab or use them as a diluted mouth rinse.

Remove tongue plaque with hard food

You can also remove the tongue coating mechanically by pressing a lot of hard food ingestion: Chewing raw fruit and vegetables as well as bread crusts dissolves light toppings by itself.

Cleanse your tongue with a spoon

If the tongue coating still remains or you (have to) eat mainly soft or liquid food, you can ask for tongue cleaning too mechanical aids reach - for example a tablespoon: To clean your tongue, gently run your inside in long lanes over the back of your tongue several times. Make sure you start as far back as possible, because the last third of the tongue is where most of the bacteria are.

Especially the first few times you may feel a gag reflex. You can avoid this by gripping the outstretched tongue with a cloth and pulling it down before starting to clean the tongue.

Be particularly careful with the tablespoon method of cleaning your tongue: Sharp edges of the spoon can injure the tongue.

The Toothbrush is less suitable for tongue cleaning. It is simply too high and therefore quickly hits the sensitive uvula in the throat - gagging is guaranteed.

Special remedies against plaque on the tongue

There are now numerous other remedies against tongue plaque. They were specially developed for tongue cleaning. The risk of injuring yourself with it is correspondingly low. You can find these tongue cleaning products in many pharmacies and drugstores: tongue scrapers, tongue brushes and tongue paste.

Tongue scraper and tongue brush

The Tongue scraper loosens the upper layer of the tongue coating while the Tongue brush also reached the deeper levels. Both are particularly long and narrow, so that you can easily reach the back of the tongue with them without having to choke.

A combination of both models is best for effective tongue cleaning: a Tongue cleaner with a brush and a scraper side. Use the brush side to loosen the covering thoroughly, then gently remove it with the scraper side.

Place the tongue cleaner on the back third of the tongue and then gently pull it forward towards the tip of the tongue. Apply only light pressure in order not to damage the sensitive surface of the tongue. Tongue cleaning should ideally be carried out daily, in addition to brushing your teeth.

There are also special ones Tongue cleaner for children. They are smaller than the models for adults and have particularly soft bristles to protect the more sensitive child's oral mucosa.

Tongue paste

When cleaning the tongue, you can put a special tongue paste on the tongue cleaner. This means that active ingredients can also be applied. Usually these are zinc compounds. They are designed to neutralize the volatile sulfur compounds that are responsible for bad breath.

Tongue aspirator at the dentist

Many dental practices now offer professional tongue cleaning with a so-called Tongue suckers at. The treatment takes about five minutes and is a good alternative if you don't want to clean your tongue yourself.