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US knowledge community now also in GermanDoes Quora know themAnswer to any question?

The US portal wants the answer to every good question from a good expert Quora from today on also helping German knowledge-hungry people on the jumps.

The English language version has been around for seven years.

According to Quora, 200 million people can already be provided with answers to questions of everyday life. BILD asked founder Adam D’Angelo what makes Quora different from other knowledge portals.

How does Quora work?

Anyone looking for help online often ends up on websites such as Gutefrage.net or Frag-mal-was.de. The answers there mostly come from laypeople. Thus one also reads speculation and dangerous half-knowledge.

Quora wants to counter these portals with experts who answer questions from their specialist areas within the community.

"Our mission is to exchange and disseminate knowledge with one another worldwide," says founder Adam D’Angelo. That works with users who make themselves available in the community. There they describe what makes them stand out for top answers and are then “assigned” questions via a feed.

“When someone asks a question, we use algorithms to first understand the question and then decide who would be the best expert to answer. As soon as the answers are there, we assign them to the users who, from the point of view of our algorithms, are most likely to be interested, ”explains Adam D’Angelo.

This community principle is already working successfully in the USA. Even politicians like Hillary Clinton, Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales and entrepreneurs like Netflix boss Reed Hastings have already given answers to Quora.

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What can Quora do better than Wikipedia?

“Wikipedia is like a good encyclopedia. The site wants to provide information as objectively as possible. Quora, on the other hand, has many possible answers. It works like a community where experts from all possible areas give their very specific answers, ”explains D’Angelo.

Wikipedia is an encyclopedia, Quora a knowledge community where much more is possible.

► Users can also request additions and changes to all contributions. Answers can also be deleted if they are believed to be incorrect or misleading.

The same goes for questions. D’Angelo: "We not only check the answers for factual correctness, but also the questions for non-offensive content, for spelling and correct sentence structure."

Quora is financed through advertisements, but only in the USA. In Germany, the service should initially work without advertising. And the experts in the community don't get any money for their answers either. For them, Quora's access numbers are argument enough, says D’Angelo. You can't reach such a large audience so quickly with your own blog alone.

For the start of Germany, the previous English answers will not be translated. During a beta phase, German-speaking users were invited to give answers to the first new questions from today. In order to really answer everything, the German community has to grow first - if you want to know something or want to answer something, you should use your real name on the website of Quora Sign in.

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