Gandhi had children

Mahatma Gandhi

Gandhi, pictured left, on a visit to London in 1931.

Mahatma Gandhi was born in India in 1869. He is also called the "great soul" because he did a lot for India's independence. The country of India was then ruled by Great Britain. In contrast to the British soldiers in India, Gandhi fought without violence. For example, there were strikes in many cities: people stopped working. In doing so, they showed that they were against the British.

Gandhi had many followers. Together with them, Gandhi ran almost 400 kilometers to the sea. They let the water dry in their hands until there was only salt left. In doing so, they defended themselves against the high salt prices that the British had set. Although Gandhi had to go to prison several times, he continued to fight for peace and independence. Sometimes he even starved for several weeks.

In 1947 Mahatma Gandhi had finally achieved his great goal: India became free. But independence did not mean that the fighting would stop. There are many religions in India and not all of them understand each other. Many people opposed Mahatma Gandhi and only a year after India gained independence, he was murdered. However, he is still a great role model for many people today.

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