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Ballpoint pen test overview, comparison and purchase advice 2020/2021

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Are you looking for a good ballpoint pen? Then the following guide can help you find a suitable model. We'll show you everything you should know about ballpoint pens.

What is a ballpoint pen?

The ballpoint pen is the classic among writing implements. It consists of an ink paste that is transferred to the paper with the help of a ball. The first ballpoint pen was patented in the 19th century. In Germany the writing instrument is often referred to as a pen. The short form actually refers to the Rotring ballpoint pen. This was developed in 1928.

A ballpoint pen is made of two parts. On the one hand, a housing with lead guide, on the other hand the mine itself. Particularly inexpensive models have a permanently installed mine. There are certainly very high-quality designs among the ballpoint pens. Already used mines can usually be exchanged here without any problems.

The ballpoint pen refill consists of three parts, these are:

  • 1. The ink tank. There is an ink paste in the plastic and metal tube.
  • 2. The writing tip. It closes the ink tube and contains the ball guide.
  • 3. The actual writing ball. It is usually made of hard metal or ceramic. Both materials promise a long service life.

The ink tube is located above the ballpoint pen. The ink tube is open so that the ink that has already been used can be compensated for by air. The sealant prevents the ink from drying out. This prevents contact between the ink and the air. Cheap pens are not equipped with a sealant. Therefore, cheap pens dry up much faster.

The current top 5 bestsellers for (high-quality) ballpoint pens in comparison:

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Best sellers for cheap pens:

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How does a ballpoint pen work?

A ballpoint pen consists of five components. Handle tube, mine, compression spring, a toothed pressure sleeve and a toothed feed sleeve. A feather sits directly under the mine. This spring pushes the feed sleeve continuously upwards.

As soon as the ballpoint pen comes into contact with the paper, the ball rotates. The ball takes the ink from the respective reservoir and distributes it on the paper. Common ballpoint pens are held tip down. The ink is transported to the ball by gravity, so to speak. Individual mines are filled with nitrogen.

There is a metal plate between the end of the ink tube and the ink paste. The metal plate pushes the ink paste down. A ballpoint pen writes in different thicknesses. The diameter of a sphere is between 0.7 and 1.4 millimeters. Very thin ballpoint pens have a 0.2 millimeter lead.

What types of ballpoint pens are there?

There are different types of ballpoint pens. Ballpoint pens with a printing mechanism are currently the most popular. A distinction is made between the following models:

  • Writing implements with a push mechanism
  • Ballpoint pen with rotating mechanism
  • Ballpoint pen without mechanism
  • Ballpoint pen with engraving

In any case, it should be possible to return the mine to the inside of the case. An open writing instrument dries out very quickly. In addition, stains can appear on clothing or in the bag more quickly. The mine is usually pushed back into the housing by pushing or turning.

Ballpoint pen with engraving

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Ballpoint pen for calligraphy

Individual models can even be used for calligraphy. This is a font that is very similar to handwriting.

Ballpoint pen with different line widths

Most writing implements are available in different weights. From extra fine to extra wide, everything is represented on the market. The common ballpoint pens have a line width of 0.6 millimeters. This strength is also known as the middle line.

Different ink color

As a rule, a ballpoint pen writes in blue or black ink. In the past, blue ink was mostly intended for pens. Today, there are also more and more blue ink ballpoint pens available. Blue is often used in public authorities in particular. Individual manufacturers also offer red, yellow, or green inks. These colors are particularly suitable for marking or highlighting something.

How does a pen with a camera work?

The front of the pen is equipped with a camera. Video recordings are made during the writing process. The ballpoint pen works with a cordless device. This must be charged in advance. To do this, the writing instrument is screwed on and can be charged via the USB port. There is a micro SD memory card in the pen.

With the help of this, the video recordings can be saved. The camera can be switched on via a control button. The control LED shows you whether the camera is running. The pen can also be used without a camera. To do this, simply hold down the control button for a long time. The USB connection allows you to easily load the video recordings onto the PC and then edit the videos.

Ballpoint pen with camera in the test:

Currently popular offers for ballpoint pens with cameras:

# 1 best seller
Mini Pen Camera 32GB 1080P HD Portable (with 32GB Memory Card) Support Motion Detection Security Micro Surveillance Camera for Home Office Meeting
  • [Micro Pen Camera] - This is a beautiful looking pen camera that you can put in your jacket pocket, easy to carry. The nice support for a conference, class, blog. It can be used not only for writing but also for recording videos
  • [Free 32GB TF Card] - This mini camera pen supports 1080p HD video and picture recording. The camera pen must work with a TF card. We offer free 32GB TF card and 5 refill inks that support large capacity storage and long write time. (Support max 32GB TF card)
  • [Easy one click to operate] - Version 2020 improved surveillance camera pen. No need to connect to WiFi or install an APP. All processes can be controlled easily with one "click". It is suitable for studio, office, shop, etc.
# 2 best seller
LXMIMI mini camera, 1080P HD ballpoint pen camera, ballpoint pen with camera with 32 GB micro SD card
  • 【Mini Camera】 Compact ballpoint pen with a mini camera lens that supports HD video recording. The included 32GB micro SD card helps record for a long time.
  • 【Mini-size Portable】 The lens of this pen camera is as small as a normal pen with a length of 14.7 cm and an angle of 90 °. This is easy to carry in daily life for writing and recording. Recording while charging helps you record the good time, 32 GB micro SD card included (maximum support 64 GB)
  • 【One button operation】 Only one button to operate a pen with camera, 1080P and 720P HD video can be switched easily, no display while recording, blue light flashes when you choose 1080P HD mode, and red light flashing when you choose 720P HD mode, very easy to use.
# 3 best seller
Mini Pens Camera 32GB HD 1080p Portable Small Security Camera for Home Office Surveillance Nanny Cam Support Motion Detection with 5 Ink Fills Inc
  • ✔Mini camera with 32 GB free internal memory ✔ with 32 GB free internal memory. Built-in digital video recorder, pen camcorder that runs on battery, records 1920 * 1080p @ 30Fps HD video. .This mini camera can take 2560 * 1440 JPG pictures.
  • ✔Easy to use the camera pen✔To avoid operating errors, there is only one button on the top of the mini camera pen. Just press the button once and the pen with the obscured lens will start recording the video. Press again to complete the save process. No sound is produced during the entire process.
  • ✔ Security camera with multiple functions✔High quality texture, fingerprints are not easy to leave. It looks like a normal pen. You can switch between video, audio and photo modes. The video is saved in AVI format, recorded in WAV format and saved in JPG format. Play a video on your PC or Mac. Plus, you can actually write the core by twisting the tip like a regular ballpoint pen.

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How do you recognize a high-quality ballpoint pen?

Replaceable mine

With a good ballpoint pen, the refill can be easily replaced. A mine can dry up or simply be emptied. The exchange enables the writing instrument to be used for a long time. In addition, it is much cheaper to replace refills than to invest in a completely new writing instrument.

The exchange of mines is also a lot more sustainable. Make sure that the mine can be replaced.

A high quality case

In any case, a high-quality housing speaks for a good ballpoint pen. The material should be particularly good and stable. High-quality ballpoint pens are usually made of metal, which is also reflected in the price. The retaining clip enables the pen to be attached to the shirt pocket. The housing is available in numerous colors.

What should you consider when buying a ballpoint pen?

Price and quality

The quality of a ballpoint pen is usually reflected in the price. The external material, the mass of the ink and the lead influence the price and are good indicators for assessing the quality. The quality can usually be seen quickly based on the outer material.

A metal ballpoint pen is therefore usually more expensive than a simple plastic ballpoint pen.

Writing comfort

Writing comfort is also an important criterion. Does the ink flow particularly smoothly, does it require a lot of pressure or does it require little pressure? If the ink flows slowly with little pressure, the result is usually a uniform typeface with a good knitting thickness. Cheap models tend to blot quickly.

Of course, the ballpoint pen also has to be comfortable to hold. Anyone who has to write particularly long texts needs a comfortable pen. This is the only way to avoid bubbles and pressure points.

What are the advantages of a ballpoint pen?

You can write very quickly with a ballpoint pen. Anyone who puts long texts on paper will benefit from this writing instrument. The pen's ink also lasts a long time. This means that documents do not fade. Smudging the ink is also rare. This is also a major advantage over the filler. The ballpoint pen is available in different colors, materials and designs. Here again all advantages at a glance:

  • long durability
  • enables fast writing
  • does not or hardly blurs
  • different materials and colors available

Another advantage is that ballpoint pens can often be used as advertising media. The writing instrument can be provided with the company's logo. The pens can be individually designed and printed and given away to customers and advertising partners. However, you should be aware that promotional pens are usually of poor quality. The writing instruments are primarily used to communicate the brand. Long documents can usually not be made with a promotional pen.

What are the disadvantages of a ballpoint pen?

The poorer the quality of the pen, the shorter the shelf life. A large number of writing implements are used for advertising purposes. Accordingly, the quality of the pens is usually poor. Cheap models are intended for advertising purposes only. Long typing work cannot be done with it. If the ballpoint pen refill is defective, emptied or dried out, it should be replaced. If the refill cannot be replaced, the ballpoint pen must be disposed of. This makes the writing instrument anything but sustainable.

The most popular brands in comparison

Lamy ballpoint pen

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Mont Blanc

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What is the best way to remove ballpoint pen stains?

Stains on leather

A ballpoint pen can leak quickly. Ink stains can eat into the leather. A ballpoint pen killer can remove stains from smooth leather. Apply a masking tape or adhesive tape to the stain beforehand and then peel it off again. Repeat the procedure until the stain stops releasing ink. Then walk the killer over the stain in circular movements.

If the stained leather material is rough leather, metal brushes are more suitable.

Stains on clothes

Stains on clothing should be treated as quickly as possible. For coarse materials, acidic citric acid or vinegar essence can be used. Simply leave it on the stain and then put the garment in the washing machine with detergent. But test beforehand whether the garment loses color when it comes into contact with acid. Do not rub the stain; this could destroy the fabric fibers. Sensitive fabrics should not be treated with acid. Fleckenteufel, for example, is suitable here. Simply drip onto the affected area and put in the washing machine after the exposure time.

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How can you effectively remove ballpoint pens from paper?

There are several ways to remove the ballpoint pen from the paper. The following options are possible:

Special ink eraser

An ink eraser specializes in removing ink. This is a major difference to a conventional pencil eraser. However, very thin paper cannot be treated with it.

Tipp-Ex and citric acid

You can also cover the pen with white Tipp-Ex. The third option is citric acid. Simply apply a little citric acid to the paper with a cotton swab.

Conclusion: a ballpoint pen is a great thing. It enables you to write quickly and is available in different versions. If you want a high-quality ballpoint pen, you should rely on a good quality with a replaceable refill. A replaceable refill increases the durability of the writing instrument.

Manufacture and history of ballpoint pens: