What is brown sugar


Generally: Brown sugar or raw sugar is not yet refined beet or cane sugar and consists mainly (over 90%) of -> sucrose, but also contains minerals, trace elements and vitamins. The syrup residue has not yet been completely freed from it, so it is brown and has its own aroma. In addition to brown raw sugar, there are also types of white sugar that are subsequently mixed with syrup and then look brown.

Dietetics: Brown sugar consists mainly of sucrose, which causes a lower increase in blood sugar than -> glucose. Diabetics: with a good setting, the intake of up to 30 g / day is possible. Rule of thumb: 4 pieces of brown sugar cubes (3 g each) correspond to one BE (bread unit = 10 to 12 g sucrose).

Chemistry: Refining of sugar: the brown raw sugar is freed from the syrup residues that are still adhering to it for the production of white sugar.
Brown sugar 
This is done with the help of a steam shower either during centrifugation or in a further work step.
Use: Because of its relatively high proportion of trace elements, vitamins and minerals, brown raw sugar is often used in wholefood cuisine. As rock candy, it also tastes very good with black tea.