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"Hubble" telescope documents its creationNeptune Storm has a diameter of 11,000 kilometers

The making of a Storm on the planet Neptune is with that Space Telescope "Hubble"has been documented for years. Researchers analyzed images of the planet and followed how the storm that became visible in 2018 combined with a Diameter of around 11,000 kilometers the US space agency NASA announced.

Large dark spots

According to the calculations, there are likely to be such huge storms on Neptune every four to six years, which last for about two, sometimes up to six years. Storms on Neptune, which - unlike on Earth - occur in regions with high atmospheric pressure, show up in the images as large dark spots. So far, scientists have a total of six such spots can make out the first two in 1989 with the space probe "Voyager 2". With "Hubble" a first storm recording was made in 1993, three more followed.

There is a similar phenomenon on Jupiter, the one that is more than 20,000 kilometers long Big red spotthat can even be seen with amateur telescopes. Researchers suspect this Cyclone has been around for around 350 years could rage. It rotates counterclockwise without moving north or south.

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