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"Game of Thrones": Season three, episode nine

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Epsiodenblog 3x09: "The Rains of Castamere". A goal within your grasp, new skills and one of the most brutal scenes in the series.

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That's the way it is with "Game of Thrones". The season goes on like that, sometimes it picks up a little more speed, then it goes more leisurely again, you have found the rhythm, hope for a bit of tension and one or the other sword fighting scene and just when you feel safe a wedding banquet to the battlefield - and you have to say goodbye to two main characters who have been there since season one.

The "King in the North" Robb Stark and his mother Catelyn are dead, as are Robb's pregnant wife Talisa. And no one was smart enough to invite the resurrection wizard Thoros of Myr to the celebration.

"Red Wedding" is the name given to the massacre in the "A Song of Ice and Fire" universe, and of course the novelists know it. On film it seems even harder and less worthy than in the book. A king shouldn't die like this.

But one after anonther.


At the beginning, ROBB STARK forges plans to conquer. He wants to take the Lannister family seat, Casterly Rock, and seeks advice from his mother. "Show them what it feels to lose what they love," she says. First there is still a marriage to be concluded. Robb apologizes politely and according to all the rules of the art to WALDER FREY, the ruler of the twin towers and the bridge, because he has moved his daughters and married Talisa instead of them. The old man - not a food lover - gives him understanding. Instead of Robb, his uncle EDMURE TULLY is now married. The Starks and Tullys share bread and salt with the Walders (a sign that you can feel safe), eye the marriage candidates and smile when Edmure sees his bride: Contrary to his fears (and the likelihood), Roslin Frey is a very young beauty . At the wedding everything seems to dissolve in favor.

Catelyn tries small talk with Roose Bolton, Robb jokes with Talisa and chooses baby names (Eddard, what else?), Bride and groom are brought to bed to loud cheers. But then "The Rains of Castamere", the song by Tywin Lannister, can be heard. "I owe my new Queen a wedding gift," says Walder Frey and suddenly a man rushes at the young woman and stabs her in the stomach with a dagger. The slaughter is on, arrows fly through the air, blades flash and the blood splatters. Catelyn tries to get her son free by putting the knife to Walder Frey's wife's neck, but it is in vain. Her throat is cut, Roose Bolton, who participated in the conspiracy, stabs her son. Robb could only watch his wife die. "The Lannisters send their regards," says Bolton. The "King in the North" is no more.

At the gates of the towers, where the battle between the followers continues, Robbs Wolf is also shot - in front of ARYA STARK's eyes. The HOUND wanted to trigger it with her mother and her brother (very good dialogues between the two, by the way), but her worst fear came true: to have her goal within reach and not to achieve it.

There was also a Stark family reunion up in the north. BRAN STARK is hiding in a tower with brother RICKON, Jojen and Meera Reed and the "gentle giant" Hodor.
Outside in the rain, JON SNOW gets into trouble. He is supposed to kill an escaped horse breeder to prove his loyalty to the wildlings, but does not have the heart. Uncovered in this way, all he has left is to flee - with the strong support of BRAN, who slips into the head of his wolf. The desperate Ygritte remains behind.
Bran also learns to slip into someone else's head, Hodor. "No one can do that," explains Jojen Reed. To learn more about his skills, he wants to look for the three-eyed raven north of the Wall - without brother RICKON (more text than in the entire second season!), Whom he sends away with the wildling woman Osha, to Last Hearth to the loyal Umbers .

It will also be bloody on the other side of the pond. With the help of the tricky and beautiful Daario Naharis, DAENERYS TARGARYEN conquers the slave city of Yunkai. The way she looks at him, the loyal knight Ser Jorah Mormont no longer has a chance.

Also: SAM leads GILLY to the Nighfort, one of the abandoned castles of the Night's Watch, because he knows a passage through the wall there, from an old book. "You're like a wizard," says Gilly. Reading just educates!


  • Walder Frey, the slimy liar: "The King betrayed me for love? I'd say he betrayed me for firm tits and a tight fit. And I respect that."
  • Daario Naharis on bed slaves: "I'm not interested in slaves. A man can't make love to property."


It might be petty to say, but the Catelyn murder reminded me a lot of slasher films.

A few more details about the "Red wedding":

  • Robb's wife is not at the party in "A Storm of Swords", which adds a brutal detail to the series version. After all, he has to watch the murder of her and his unborn child. That was one of the toughest scenes in the series, possibly the toughest since Ned was executed in episode one.
  • In the novel, Catelyn also takes a son of Walder Frey hostage - likewise in vain.

Arya, I have a new list for you:

  • Ilyn Payne (cut Ned Stark a head shorter)
  • King Joffrey Lannister
  • Tywin Lannister
  • Rest from the Night's Watch (he's got the Commander on his conscience)
  • Roose Bolton
  • Walder Frey. Again Walder Frey! And again Walder Frey!

The season three finale will air next week. The episode bears the mysterious title "Mhysa".

Because it fits, here again: "The Rains of Castamere", sung by The National

Update June 6th, 11:25 am: has gathered the funniest, angry, and emotional reactions on Twitter and YouTube to the Red Wedding. Here are the links and a small pictorial teaser:




And an interview in which George R.R. Martin explains why the characters had to die and which historical massacres served as models for him (no, not Bartholomew's Night):

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