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New EHI Marketing Monitor Retail 2019-2022 //

Those responsible for marketing in retail are increasingly relying on digital advertising media, explains Marlene Lohmann, author of the EHI Retail Marketing Monitor, “however, there are signs of a certain saturation effect. The long-lasting trend of strongly increasing growth rates for digital budgets is easing and stabilizing ”. The full results will be presented today at the EHI Marketing Forum.

Mix is ​​becoming more digital

Since 2016, spending on additive retail advertising * has been higher than the spending level on print-based retail advertising (brochures, magazines, advertisements). Forecasts for 2022 suggest that this gap will widen even further in the future. This development is due in particular to digital media. Around every fifth euro (20 percent) of gross advertising revenue is allocated by digital marketing.

In total, print-based forms of advertising account for a good 47 percent, online for 19.8 percent, direct marketing and POS each around 10 percent. The rest of the cake is shared by ads (6.1), TV (4.9), radio (4.2), posters (1.7) and other forms of advertising (2.3).

Advertising cost share of the industries

The average company spending is 3.3 percent based on gross sales. The industries set different priorities. The furniture industry remains loyal to print-based media and, at 5.3 percent, has the highest share of advertising costs in total sales (EUR 1.8 billion in absolute terms). At the other end of the spectrum are food retail / drugstores with only 1.3 percent of advertising costs in total sales and a budget of 2.5 billion euros.


The EHI surveys the current marketing mix and the planned investments since 2007 and compares the development of the use of classic, printed media with all other media used by retailers, the "additive media".

* Additive advertising includes online marketing, POS marketing, direct marketing / CRM, TV, poster advertising, radio



A total of 36 retail companies took part in the survey. The participating companies generate gross sales of almost 94 billion euros (2018) and represent 18 percent of total retail sales in Germany in the narrower sense.

The study is available to members as a free download.

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