How many types of hacking are there

What types of hackers are there?

Roger Grimes

Only if you know the difference between spammers, corporate spies and cyber fighters can you protect your system against hackers.

EnlargeWhat types of hackers are there?

Sony, Nintendo, Nasdaq, a US organization affiliated with the FBI - these are just a few examples of successful hacker attacks in recent years. There is no company that is not affected by hacker attacks. Even the best-protected organizations are always under attack.

Hackers steal the data of 40,000 Acer customers

It doesn't matter whether you are attacked today or tomorrow, at some point you will be affected too. However, it is important that you know the motivations and goals of the attackers so that you can take the right steps in your defense. Because hackers can be divided into seven categories.

Sony hackers are also hacking FBI-affiliated entities and Nintendo

1. Cyber ​​criminals Professional criminals make up the bulk of the hacking community. They use malware and exploits to steal money. It doesn't matter how these people go about it, their motivation is purely financial. Most often, the hackers manipulate your bank access, use your credit card number, issue fake antivirus programs or steal your identity or passwords. This data is then exchanged or resold in special forums and newsgroups. The hackers who hacked the Sony Playstation Network and the online entertainment network a long time ago are likely to belong to this group.