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Translation of "aufleben zu" in English

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Samsung series again revive to 5 Chromebook: Chromebox to be unveiled »
Samsung to revive Series 5 Chromebook: to unveil Chromebox »
One of the goals will be the energy in the field revive to read and enliven the spirit of spring.
One of the goals is to make the energy on the place rise and the spirit of spring to be felt.
During this time, tourists have the opportunity to return to the beach of Lignano revive to see and above all, take a walk on the beach promenade and breathe the healthy sea air.
During this period tourists have the chance to see the beach of Lignano reborn and especially to spend quiet days strolling on the promenade and breathing healthy sea air.
And: "Then came the President of Pro Loco, Joseph Pucci," soul "of the event along with all the members who" thanked those who for various reasons made it possible to return to the old city revive to to have.
And 'Then came the President of the Pro Loco, Joseph Pucci, soul of the event along with all members, who thanked those who, for various reasons, have made it possible to revive the old town.
Trujillo strives to get its past back revive to Enjoy your flights to Trujillo with LATAM - the best airline in South America.Sights in TrujilloStart your trip in the historic city center of Trujillo and learn more about the prehistoric cultures and the Spanish colonialists.
Enjoy flights to Trujillo with LATAM, Latin America's number one airline who values ​​making you feel of Trujillo Start your trip at Historic Center of Trujillo, and learn about the prehistoric and Spanish colonial history.
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