How can I increase the subscriber list

How to expand your subscriber list

Increasing the number of your subscribers can be really painful. With the GDPR and new laws, this task can seem almost impossible. But don't worry, today we're bringing you some tips that you can use and tweak depending on your tastes, the tastes of your customers, and your business niche.

Before we get into the actual tips, remember that having clear content on your website is the most important step. In addition to the obvious SEO benefits, unique content ensures that visitors keep coming back to your website. Good content will make people want more of it, which will lead them to actually signing up for your newsletter.

Let's move on to the tips and talk a little more about them. Remember that the most important thing about your content and calls-to-action is to stay on topic and be creative in order to grab your audience's attention.

Advertise newsletters

So you are planning to send out your new newsletter. Great! But you have to wonder how you can get subscribers without annoying people. There are two ways you can do this:

  • Opt-in to every blog post;
  • Social media.

The opt-in under each blog post will be visible when people have reached the end of the post. If they enjoyed it, there is a great chance they will sign up right away. This is a low profile way of conveying the information that you now have a newsletter and are sending out emails.

Social media profiles are great means of communication these days. Post your announcement about your newsletter so that people who follow you on social media can be notified.

How should you handle newsletters

Newsletters aren't rocket science, but they have certain rules that you should follow.

Quality and durability are a must. What do we mean by quality? Send out extraordinary and unique material. Only send things that you have created and designed. It's okay to take inspiration from someone else, but stealing ideas isn't the way to be successful.

Stick to an audience, i. H. stick to a topic selection. If you're a web designer, you certainly wouldn't be posting a blog post titled "10 Funny Cat Videos". However, it is a great idea to send a blog post titled “Amazing Drawings of Animals”. Do you understand the difference?

Offer something new

Usually people sign up for a newsletter or only give their email address if they can get something in return. For example a free e-book, a coupon code, a free sample of your popular product.

Think like your visitors - why should they sign up for your newsletter? A more compelling offer than your competition will definitely attract them.

We can't count the number of times we've signed up for an e-book or something similar and found it to be of exceptionally low quality. As if someone came up with three random sentences and mixed up a few pictures and called it a day. That's not how you make an e-book. If you do decide to create one, try to actually share some knowledge. Make it pretty too. Don't recycle something we all know over and over again. Or, if you need to mention something that is considered general knowledge, mention it in a humorous way or explain it from your own point of view to add extra value.

collect informations

When collecting new subscriber information, make it short and to the point. Registration forms that take longer than a minute are no problem. People don't want to waste their time signing up for just one newsletter. How are you supposed to do that?

Just ask for their email addresses. You don't need the person's first name for automatic email personalization. It just sounds insincere and you are definitely not using your email subscribers on a first name basis. Almost everyone knows these days that you don't handwrite all of these newsletters. So there is really no need to bring your emails with you Dear _____ to start. This gimmick will only cost you time and resources with no real results.

To collect the information of your visitors, you can organize freebies. People love free stuff even when they don't really need it, so you will definitely be very interested in the giveaway. Write down the rules for participation and one of them can sign up for the newsletter.

People spend their time loving taking random quiz questions like "Which vegetable are you?" And the like. Why don't you create your own quiz for your field of work? To send the results to them, you can ask for their email addresses. Or, you can make the quiz really unique and fun, so people can share their results with their friends on social media. That means more brand visibility for you. Either way, creating a quiz is a win-win for you.

Create a document with your customers' birthdays. People can provide their birth dates for special birthday discounts. Email them the birthday card and remind them to take advantage of their birthday discount. Make your customers feel special and get your conversions with it.


Getting it right takes time to add to your list of subscribers. For starters, you need to get to know your audience and figure out which approach they would appreciate and which definitely wouldn't. Try to think outside the box and create something unique, but with your signature.

Make sure to keep your website visitors informed of the information you are collecting and why. People will only trust you with their email addresses if you leave an impression on them. Stay true to your words, never send spam emails, and your newsletter subscribers will love you.

What is your experience when it comes to increasing the number of your subscribers? Share your own tips in the comments section below or on our Facebook page.

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