Why are the Sith taking in apprentices

Sith disciples

“A Sith student is the antithesis of a Jedi youth pampered in the temple, who fights with a training lightsaber against a floating training sphere. A Sith exposes himself to pain right from the start and inflicts it himself. "
- Darth Plagueis (Source)

Sith disciples had the same rank in the Sith Order as padawans were in the Jedi Order. They were mostly trained with strict and sometimes painful teaching methods. The Sith Code was burned into the memory. Hatred in particular played a very important role in their training. For example, the Sith student Eldon Ax was already able to use lightning bolts, which normally only works with a high concentration of hatred. It was also common for Sith disciples and Sith masters to cheat on one another.



Many Sith Lords had to recruit a student themselves so that they could pass on their teachings. For example, Darth Vader came to the home planet of the boy Flint, who just lost his mother. After shouting out loud that he had to become someone great, Vader promised him that under his teaching he would learn a lot about power and become someone important.[1] Anyone who was power-sensitive and whose emotional state was not in harmony could become a Sith disciple. Individuals who had a lot of hatred, anger, or grief from loss or fear could easily fall into the dark side of power and thus be recruited.


Era of the Old Republic

Sith empire

At the time of the Sith Empire it was not a great honor to be a Sith student, as there were a large number of masters or Sith Lords at that time, which also meant a lot of apprentices. At the time, power-sensitive individuals were sent to the Sith Academy on the planet Korriban, where they initially received an introduction to the arts of power as Sith acolytes. In the academy, too, there were often complications, with students often losing their lives. Often times, when an acolyte killed someone strong, he was rewarded with a lot of attention from higher positions. If any of the students were found to be extremely talented, they would sometimes be instructed by a Sith lord.[2]

Brotherhood of Darkness

At the time of the Brotherhood of Darkness, it was mostly predetermined for the students what rank or position they occupied in the Brotherhood: For example, students with great potential were sent to Korriban to be trained as Sith Lords. The Sith Academies on Iridonia and Dathomir were similar to them. Sith disciples with significantly limited potential were sent to Honoghr, Gentes or Gamorr, where they were trained to be Sith raiders or Sith warriors and taught to use the power of the dark side to wreak havoc on their enemies. Those with greater potential were sent to Ryloth, Umbara, and Nar Shadaa, where they were trained to be shadow creatures of the Dark Side. Those who survived the training became Sith assassins.[3]

Era of the rise of the empire

Rule of two

At the time of the Rule of Two, a disciple had a special meaning. The student was considered to be the one who desires the power of his master. At that time there was always only one disciple and only one master teaching the disciple. The student had the right to challenge his master to a duel as soon as he believed he was stronger than his master.[4] The first student under the Rule of Two was the girl Darth Zannah, who was under the teachings of the founder of the Rule of Two - Darth Bane. Bane picked them up after the Brotherhood of Darkness, which Bane was a part of, lost the Seventh Battle of Ruusan.[3] The Brotherhood no longer existed - the Order of the Sith Lords was born.


In Creator of Darkness the process in the Sith Academy is a bit similar to that of the wizarding school Hogwarts from the novel series Harry Potter, which was written by Joanne K. Rowling and was eventually made into a film.