What is the nature of your questions

Questioning techniques and types of questionsWhat types of questions are there?

Alternative question

Do you want variant A or B?

Should we solve this or should we leave it?

Do we want to meet on Wednesday or rather on Friday?

Boomerang question

To what extent are the costs I mentioned high?

What exactly is it that bothers you about this solution?

Objection question

What speaks against your doing this?

What risks do you see?

What are the costs of this?

Counter question

What do you propose?

What is your solution?

Information question

What do you attach particular importance to?

Until when can you clarify this?

How high were sales in the last quarter?

Isolation issue

What are your main problems?

How do you justify this?

Who exactly is this affected?

Contact question

How was your trip here?

What were you most interested in?

Contrast question

If that is the case in youth, how could it be in old age?

If Department X has such big problems, what will it mean for Department Y?

Control question

What has been achieved with this?

What did you do?

Provocative question

Why are you so negative?

Why didn't you do that back then?

Rhetorical question

What might be behind it?

What did you ride there?

(An answer is not expected.)

Leading question

Which topics A, B, C do we want to cover? (There are also topics D, E, F.)

Do you want the time lag to occur?

Do you agree with us that ...?

Distinguishing question

Where do you see the main differences?

What distinguishes A compared to B?

Referring question

What additional requests do you have?

What else should we pay attention to?

Suggestion question

What do you think of the proposal ...?

How about the following procedure?

Wordless question

(Facial expressions, gestures: raising eyebrows, questioning facial expression, holding palms up)

Summing up question

What does that mean?

What would you say on the bottom line?

What does that mean for you in the end?

Consent question

Are you also interested in a quick settlement?

Which solution would be acceptable to you?

Are you also in favor of variant A? Or for B or C?