Can I make money with Shopmatic?

New e-commerce network SPARWELT GmbH and Profity want to conquer the German market with ShopMate

Generate sales & earn money with the order confirmation page.

Berlin. SPARWELT GmbH recently launched a new, independent product: "ShopMate“Markets the order confirmation page from participating partner shops profitably. With this, the affiliate publisher positions himself with vouchers right at the beginning of the customer journey.

The principle of vouchers after the purchase is already known to many users and is actively used: Experience shows that these vouchers are redeemed faster and more often than conventional ones.

Customers and network benefit

The system behind ShopMate, developed in collaboration withProfity (CH) is easy: Shops can participate in the ShopMate network in just a few steps and integrate the tool into their online shop. If a user completes a purchase, vouchers or subscriptions, for example for magazines or journals, are displayed from the network. These vouchers are mostly exclusive and more attractive than on the free market.

Shops send each other traffic and customers with a high purchase intention. According to Profity, 11 percent of the vouchers are redeemed within 30 minutes.

Not just sales: ShopMate focuses on revenues

If a voucher is redeemed, the partner shop pays a commission - just like in classic affiliate marketing. What is different, however: At ShopMate, shops can actively generate revenue through affiliate marketing if they generate a lot of sales for other shops and monetize their shop even after the actual sale.

Furthermore, you can benefit from the basic conditions of the product: There are neither setup costs nor a contract period. The personal real-time dashboard provides real-time data on your own vouchers and partner shops can decide for themselves which vouchers should be integrated. A / B testing of the vouchers is also possible. Users can also filter the vouchers by category on the ShopMate-based order confirmation page.

ShopMate impresses with its customizable interface and real-time dashboard

Since ShopMate is not alone in the German market, special attention is paid to the advantages for participating shops. Many discussions were held beforehand and the market was analyzed. The result is a product that is very easy to integrate and convinces both sides, shop and customer, in terms of user experience.

The product can be completely adapted to the look and feel of the shop, so that users do not get the feeling that they have left the shop. Reminders and mails from ShopMate can also be adapted to the desired look. Alternatively, ShopMate can also be integrated in the standard design.

New division, familiar competence

“It was time to develop a new product in addition to our core business that builds on our core competencies and has the potential to assert itself on the market,” says Martin Riess, Managing Director SPARWELT GmbH. This expansion of the portfolio is another sensible step in expanding the business model.

SPARWELT has been successfully involved in affiliate marketing for ten years and positions itself with its solutions as a partner and content provider for online shops. This expertise and the good connections to shops and agencies will be a great advantage in marketing the order confirmation page.

Ten weeks from handshake to product

The cooperation with Profity, the largest e-commerce network in Switzerland, is a prime example of successful cooperation. Within less than ten weeks, the concept was developed, the product was built (including its own corporate design), employees were trained, a landing page was created and the marketing was planned.

“The development of new products or technologies doesn't always have to be difficult or lengthy. With Profity we have a strong partner, now a friend, at our side, with whom it was not only very efficient, but also a lot of fun to develop ShopMate. Both partners have complemented each other with their expertise, so that we can all benefit from it and develop new markets ”, says Riess.

Profity is responsible for the technology and setup of ShopMate. “SPARWELT is the ideal partner for us. The company and the brand have been very successful in Germany for years and there are many important contacts for this project. We at Profity gain access to this very exciting market through SPARWELT and can focus on our core competence, the provision and expansion of the technology, ”says Philiippe Müller, Managing Director, Profity.


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Profity is the largest e-commerce network in Switzerland with over 300 participating online shops. Profity is operated by the Swiss adfocus GmbH. Adfocus develops and operates services and technologies around the topics of new customer acquisition, customer loyalty and conversion optimization. With adfocus technologies, shops can promote sales, stay in contact with customers and deliver their messages to the right target group at the right time. Getback, another branch of adfocus, is one of the leading technologies for web push notifications, up-selling and shopping cart abandonment.