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The GA-FVP is not a gift

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Travel discounts for the staff

In the Sunday press, the driving benefits of the staff (FVP) were discussed in a one-sided, sensational way. This representation is unacceptable for the SEV because it does not correspond to the facts.

An article in the Sunday press gave the impression that the travel discounts for public transport staff were a gift that the general public had to shell out with millions of francs (see box). This representation is wrong, and the SEV protests against it all the more resolutely as this image stirs up unjustified envy and damages the reputation of the entire public transport system.

The fact isthat the GA-FVP ...

• ... enables business trips in an uncomplicated way. Without GA-FVP, the administrative effort for expense reports increases.

•… is neither free nor a gift, but a component of the wages. Some specialist craftsmen and many specialists work in public transport who would possibly earn more outside the industry without having to work shifts at night and on weekends.

• ... has to be taxed by employees and retirees - more consistently than other fringe benefits at other companies, for example with regard to the private use of company cars.

• ... is clearly regulated by the public transport sector, with full knowledge of the BAV and tax authorities.

• ... is a sign of appreciation for employees that motivates them and promotes their identification with the company.

• ... is not a luxury, but a tried and tested component of the corporate culture, which ultimately works out for the company, employees and the general public.

Giorgio Tuti, President SEV

The GA-FVP in the spotlight

“Every sixth GA is a bargain from the employee shop”, was the headline of the “SonntagsZeitung” on March 10. In 2018, 260 public transport companies sold 101,243 GA-FVP with discounts of between 30% and 82%, while 490,000 GA were sold at commercial prices. 57% of the GA-FVP went to employees, 29% to relatives and 14% to retirees. “According to conservative projections, the gift that the industry is giving its employees has a market value of 380 million francs. The sale of the discounted GA travelcard brings in 120 million annually. "

Employers also defend FVP

Calculating the value of the discounts in this way is a (false) “milk booklet invoice”, said Ueli Stückelberger, Director of the Association of Public Transport in the “Echo der Zeit” of Radio SRF. “Because these employees go on business trips very often: that has a value. It should also be taken into account that these GA travelcard concessions are taxed by employees. I am convinced that the bottom line is that nothing will be lost to taxpayers. " In return, the public transport companies gain motivated employees who identify strongly with them. The FVP for relatives and retirees has always been part of the company culture: “It has proven itself and is lived that way in practice. I stand by the fact that we have this regulation. "

Bill the effective usage exactly?

According to the “SonntagsZeitung” newspaper, the Federal Office of Transport (FOT) initiated an “investigation” in December: “It is now being examined whether the discount system leads to a loss of income in regional passenger transport. The federal government and the cantons each subsidize this with a billion francs annually. " The FOT told the Keystone-SDA news agency that on December 19 it asked the public transport sector to introduce a mechanism to record the effective use of the GA travelcard (which does not have to correspond to the price of the GA travelcard). From the point of view of subsidy law, the public transport companies should compensate the tariff organization ch-direct and the public transport company for the effective use. According to VöV director Ueli Stückelberger, an answer should be given in March. However, he does not believe that the discounts will result in a loss of income, because otherwise companies would have to pay higher expenses and raise wages.

Markus Fischer