What are your five best vegetarian recipes

Vegetarian dishes

What is special about our vegetarian recipes? They are varied. And never boring for a second. In addition, we provide them with new vegetarian friends every week. Yes, with us you get new veggie inspiration almost every day. When we cook vegetarian, we combine classic vegetables with unusual vegetables, give the whole thing a fruity and nutty note and add the cheese crown to the composition. You see - it doesn't get boring. On the contrary. Or did you know how delicious a tomato tastes when you fill it with couscous, top it with cranberries and top it off with a pumpkin seed dressing ?! Nobody misses meat there. And vegetarians not anyway ...

Our top 5 side dishes

The basis of (almost) all tastes - of course - vegetables. Or salad. How you take it. Then there are grains, nuts, fruits, cheese, eggs, oils and so on. You see - there are no limits to our imagination. And if you want it to be classic. Then we have the right recipe for you. Egg salad, for example. Or a tomato salsa. Tomatoes play a big role in vegetarian cuisine anyway. They are the basis of many vegetarian dishes. Are you afraid that you will not be full without meat? Then dip your salad or salsa in some bread. Or in one of our 5 favorite side dishes:

  1. Couscous: grated semolina that is very easy to prepare. Simply pour boiling water over it, let it soak - done.
  2. Rice: Basmati Rice? Whole grain rice? Sushi rice? Black rice? Jasmine rice? You decide!
  3. Lentils: The red lentils in particular did it to us.
  4. Pasta: Tastes classic with tomato sauce, but also with the Greek combination of spinach and feta. Yes, noodles always work.
  5. Quinoa: A protein bomb that not only athletes like.

Are you on the go with low carb? No problem! Our veggie lasagna does not come with rice, but with zucchini. And instead of minced meat there is lentils. A zucchini lasagna with superfood sauce, so to speak. The positive side effect: Many of the vegetarian meals are made faster and easier than the original. Perfect for the easy peasy dinner.

Full of vegetables

The main actor at Veggies: Vegetables. The selection ranges from tomatoes to carrots to artichokes. Zucchini and aubergines, for example, are wonderful substitutes for pasta. And cauliflower not only looks like rice, it tastes like it too. In addition, there are of course all sorts of other vegetables that should not be missing in the vegetarian kitchen: pumpkin, cucumber, paprika, mushrooms, asparagus, radishes, snow peas, sweet potatoes, beetroot and and and. Our (local) vegetable patch provides such a large selection that there is theoretically space for a new vegetable every week and thus also for a new recipe or a new Buddha bowl. The local star in the veggie sky.

From simple and fast to complex for guests

Do you want it to be quick today? No problem! You decide how much time you spend eating. We have all kinds of recipes that are on the table in just a few minutes. But also vegetarian dishes that are a little more sophisticated and therefore perfect for guests: stews, casseroles, etc. The best thing about our recipes is that most of them are healthy (and tasty anyway). So perfect for those who want to take care of their slim lines. What shouldn't be missing? Eggs - of course! With their high protein content, they attract not only vegetarians, but also athletes. Don't you like eggs? Even without it you can eat like in a 5-star restaurant. Try tofu, for example. The perfect solution when it comes to meat alternatives. Or you can use one of our protein sources mentioned above. We have the right vegetarian recipes for you - tips and tricks. And a lot more.