How can I lengthen my follicular phase

How can I extend the first half of the cycle? Also to EVERYONE!

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How can I extend the first half of the cycle? Also to EVERYONE!


Certain teas or homeopathic remedies are propagated again and again. My own experience, however, is that they don't really help with hormonal problems, and most doctors see it that way (e.g. here in the Kiwu expert forum).
If you like, you can just give it a try: In the first half of the cycle, you drink one or two cups (no more!) Mugwort tea a day. It contains plant-based estrogens (phyto-estrogens) and is said to improve egg maturation.

You stop after the suspected ovulation (12 to 14 days before the menstruation), although one or two days do not matter. You can then drink one to two cups of women's mantle tea a day in the second half of the cycle (gestagen-like effect). But that doesn't have to be the case if the second half of the cycle is long enough.

Medicines that promote egg maturation are more reliable. This includes clomiphene, for example. After four years of unsuccessful treatment by a non-medical practitioner, various tea cures, homeopathy etc. with clomiphene, I became pregnant in no time in the second cycle of taking.

Listen to what your doctor says next time and follow their advice. You often lose a lot of time unnecessarily with Teechen and Co. Of course, it is certainly not wrong to try them out for a few months, but not for too long.

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by Hexhex on 05/07/2005

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