Do you live in your own world

Where do you live?!!

In the highly recommended film "The Departed", Mafia boss Frank Costello, played by Jack Nicholson, says a very nice sentence at the very beginning: I don’t want to be a product of my environment. I want my environment to be a product of me.

Now this person in the film is not exactly a role model for good behavior, but regardless of that we can still take a closer look at this clever sentence. Behind this is something that many of us are sometimes accused of.

As a child and adolescent, it was often a pleasure for me to follow adult conversations. I sat lost on the sofa, sipped cocoa and listened. Every now and then the sensible, tall people would talk about other people I didn't know - a friend's boyfriend or Aunt XYZ or the new neighbors - and there was always a bit of disdain in their words when they said the sentence they were talking about I feel like: "He just lives in his own world."

You could feel that someone was tolerated, eyed curiously, and often politely kept at a distance. Often it was about unspoken rules that the person did not follow rigorously, about conventions that were broken, about “such types of artists” who were somehow different.

I have never understood that one can mean this “type of artist” negatively, but I have often observed. And we're not talking about people who walk barefoot through the village all day long, sitting lost in thought under a willow tree and watching cloud formations or who have a Hildegard orgone accumulator at home next to their sink. We're talking about people who just don't get bored easily. Who know what to do with themselves and are perhaps a bit more idealistic than others.

I understand even less that, in addition to the cheeky “artist types”, the phrase “You live in your own world” is not meant as a compliment by many.

Where else do we want to live if not in our own world? Why is “you live in your own world” not officially one of the nicest compliments that one can give another person? Aren't people who live by their own standards a boon?

Should we instead settle into another person's world, maybe give him full responsibility for our lives? Then I get up every morning and wait for someone to talk to me, Tri-tra-trullalla, someone to give me a list Handing things into my hands that must be important to me on this day, that I have to take care of, that I can look forward to? Do I get grumpy when it's the weekend and I don't like the program that someone else has willingly taken care of because someone is always taking care of the program for the whole sleepwalking population?

To live in your own world - that's a good thing. Not continuously, not under all circumstances and regardless of losses, but as often as possible, every now and then, with small interruptions. It should not end in pure selfishness, just in responsibility. For your own life, your own learning curve, your own environment.

Even at the risk of having to answer a few stupid questions every now and then. A few years ago someone wanted to know from me whether I would name my first book “The wonderful world of Franzi”. THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF FRANZI. WHAT THE HELL?!!!

I smiled cautiously and thought: You stupid asshole. The question sounded like an attack, like a reproach, my brain translated the whole thing with “Why are you so strange?” Why are you such a cloudy cup, why do you write and read so much, why do you sometimes see your doubts why are you such a damn bad actress?

Why do you get stuck sometimes? Why do you live in your own world? Because maybe it's my right.

As long as I don't lock the garden door, as long as you can find me on the map, as long as I have reception and don't switch to passage - as long as I want to live in my own world every now and then. Where there are slippers in my size, where I am greeted with the words “Nice that you are back. Don't waste any more time! ”Because you inevitably do that in the completely different world of completely different people - you waste your time.

Searching for and finding the right words is a waste of time, even if it is a lot of fun every now and then. So if you can't take a long-term vacation on your own small island, then it is good to have at least one place of retreat that you can always return to. I can really recommend your own brain as an occasional retreat or second home.

And to answer the question. No, I would probably not title my first book "The wonderful world of Franzi". My world is not wonderful. WHAT KIND OF A MOUTHED ADJECTIVE? !! My world is great and sometimes sad and often more or less involuntarily funny.

I would like to end this text with an insulting quote that I came across somewhere on the Internet a while ago and that in my opinion has a lot to do with whether you are - as mentioned at the beginning - someone who is a product of your environment or vice versa:

"You're not bored. You're just so stupid
that your brain is unable to entertain itself. "

Still best wishes
Your Franziska