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A broad perspective on software systems engineering, concentrating on widely used techniques for developing large-scale software systems. Restructured into six parts, this new edition covers a wide spectrum of software processes from initial requirements solicitation through design and development.

Software engineering summary

Software Engineering Ian Sommerville

Software Engineering presents a broad perspective on software systems engineering, concentrating on widely used techniques for developing large-scale systems. The objectives of this seventh edition are to include new material on iterative software development, component-based software engineering and system architectures, to emphasize that system dependability is not an add-on but should be considered at all stages of the software process, and not to increase the size of the book significantly. To this end the book has been restructured into 6 parts, removing the separate section on evolution as the distinction between development and evolution can be seen as artificial. New chapters have been added on: Socio-technical Systems - discussing the context of software in a broader system composed of other hardware and software, people, organizations, policies, procedures and laws. Application System Architectures - to teach students the general structure of application systems such as transaction systems, information systems and embedded control systems. The chapter covers 6 common system architectures with an architectural overview and discussion of the characteristics of these types of system. Iterative Software Development - looking at prototyping and adding new material on agile methods and extreme programming. Component-based software engineering - introducing the notion of a component, component composition and component frameworks and covering design with reuse. Software Evolution - revising the presentation of the 6th edition to cover re-engineering and software change in a single chapter. The book supports students taking undergraduate or graduate courses in software engineering, and software engineers in industry needing to update their knowledge.

Table of Contents

INTRODUCTION Ch 1: Introduction Ch 2: Socio-technical Systems Ch 3: Dependability Ch 4: Software Processes Ch 5: Project Management REQUIREMENTS ENGINEERING Ch 6: Software Requirements Ch 7: RE Processes Ch 8: Systems Models Ch 9: Critical Systems Specification Ch 10: Formal Specification DESIGN Ch 11: Architectural Design Ch 12: Distributed Systems Architecture Ch 13: Application Architectures Ch 14: Object-oriented Design Ch 15: Real-time Systems Ch 16: User Interface Design SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT Ch 17: Iterative Software Development Ch 18: Software Reuse Ch 19: CBSE Ch 20: Critical Systems Development Ch 21: Software Evolution VERIFICATION AND VALIDATION Ch 22: Verification and Validation Ch 23: Software Testing Ch 24: Critical Systems Validation MANAGEMENT Ch 25: Managing People Ch 26: Software Cost Estimation Ch 27: Quality Management Ch 28: Process Improvement Ch 29: Configuration Management Glossary of Software Engineering Terms Index

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Software Engineering Ian Sommerville
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