Gay love can take a long time

Am I gay because I'm in love with my best friend?

When a boy is in love with his best friend, he is not automatically gay. He may want to do a lot with this boy, spend a lot of time with him and talk about everything that is really important to him. But he doesn't automatically want to be affectionate with his boyfriend or kiss him.

Puberty means trying things out

Whether a boy is really gay and will only ever fall in love with boys in his life cannot be predicted in elementary school. Puberty begins in boys around the age of 10. During this time, a lot changes in and on the body. About 2 in 25 boys are gay. You won't find girls, but guys to fall in love with.

Gay is not a dirty word

Falling in love is a great feeling for everyone! For gay boys it is often a shock when they see for themselves that they are particularly attracted to boys. In the school playground, some people sometimes use the word "gay" as a swear word. Although there is nothing wrong with a boy loving a boy.

Children of the primary school on Haselrain in Wuppertal say:
“It's up to you to decide whether you want to be gay or not. You shouldn't blaspheme about it and say: “Look, he's gay!” After all, we don't decide whether someone is allowed to be gay or not. You can love everyone. "

What if you're really gay?

To "come out" means: "to come out with the language". So: tell others that you are gay or lesbian. It often takes a few years for young people to dare to do this. Most are 17 to 19 years old when they come out.

Status: 06/11/2018, 5:10 p.m.