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Bachelor courses in Political Science in Bamberg

As part of the single-subject bachelor's degree in Political Science, study and examination achievements are in the scope ofa total of 180 ECTS points to acquire. The ECTS points are acquired in the context of courses through written exams, presentations and / or term papers or other services, as well as in the form of a bachelor thesis and an internship. There are no course-independent examinations.

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TheBasics and extension area comprises a total of 77 ECTS points and consists of introductory lectures in the political science sub-areas as well as accompanying or in-depth seminars. To be added Methods of empirical social research and statistics totaling 24 ECTS points. Specializecan you use the Specialization area, in which three advanced seminars (a total of 24 ECTS points) are to be chosen. as well as with the choice of topic for your thesis (15 ECTS) and the internship (15 ECTS).

in the Supplementary area you can take non-political science courses worth 30 ECTS points. You can choose from a wide range of economics and social sciences, law, computer science, methodology, history, communication science and language courses.

With the theme of your Thesis (15 ECTS) and choosing your Internship(company) (15 ECTS) you can give your studies a personal profile.

In this way, an individual package can be put together depending on interests and career aspirations.

Our study schedule (85.0 KB) is an example of how your studies could be structured. Of course, other combinations can also be useful. The information in the examination and study regulations and in the module handbook are decisive.