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The euro vs. dollar currency

The US dollar is the world's trading currency and is therefore used as a unit of currency for some raw materials, such as crude oil. The euro is growing steadily, but at times, like the pound or the yen, it cannot replace the dollar. With the introduction of the European currency in 1999, the dollar bills lost more and more power, ultimately also due to the banking and mortgage crisis. Today the EUR can have a good exchange rate against the USD show, but is subject to daily fluctuations. It may therefore be necessary to check the conversion rate 10 times a day. In terms of bonds, the European currency was able to replace US banknotes in 2004.

The importance of conversion

But the € vs. $ exchange rate can arouse interest not only in the financial and commodity markets. The mutual conversion of currencies is also crucial for the consumer sector. For example, buying electronic devices and clothing in the US can be hunted down for bargains with a good exchange rate. Even on your next vacation trip to the United States, the currency converter can calculate the possible travel costs at a glance. Because only those who convert correctly in advance can really save in the end. In addition, we offer you all the important conversion values ​​at a glance with our pocket calendar. So you always have an overview of your expenses.

Our euro dollar currency converter

With the currency converter you can easily calculate the euro / dollar exchange rate. To do this, enter the corresponding amount in the left (upper or lower) box and the corresponding converted amount will be displayed on the right. In this way, with a single click, you have the desired amount converted into the corresponding currency.

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Exchange rate table for printing
Euros (EUR) to Dollars (USD)
1 €$ 1.22
5 euros$ 6.09
10 Euro$ 12.18
50 Euros$ 60.90
100 euros$ 121.80
500 euro$ 609.00
1,000 euros$ 1,218.00
5,000 euros$ 6,090.00
10,000 euros$ 12,180
50,000 euros$ 60,900
Dollars (USD) to Euros (EUR)
1 dollar0.82 euros
5 dollars4.11 euros
10 dollars8.21 euros
50 dollars41.05 euros
100 dollars82.10 euros
$ 500410.51 euros
$ 1,000821.02 euros
$ 5,0004,105.09 euros
$ 10,0008,210.18 euros
$ 50,00041,051 euros