Why is my parrot yelling at me

Stop your parrot from screaming: with the little bell trick

The bell trick is a very effective way of getting your parrot off screaming.

The principle is very simple and has several advantages. The most common reason a parrot screams a lot is because it wants to get your attention.

In this situation, you can take advantage of the ringing of a bell.

If your parrot screams again ...

For this method to work, you need a bell that you place inside the parrot cage. Make sure that you personally find the sound of the bell pleasant. And of course you should attach the bell so that your parrot can easily reach it.

As soon as your parrot cries too long or too loudly, you give the command "little bell". If your parrot performs the desired behavior, you praise it with "good" and give it the treat, as we have already explained in our introduction to target training.

You will find that the ringing of the bell is nowhere near as annoying as the constant cry of the parrot. And many readers have told us that over time their parrots ring the bell less and less. So you will have a lot more peace and quiet - and your neighbors will thank you too.

Here's how to teach your parrot the bell trick

Some parrots are afraid of new toys, especially gray parrots.

This is why you should give your parrot a few days to get used to the bell.

Only when you see that he is interested in the bell is the time to start training.

Hold your target stick in front of your parrot. Make sure to keep a safe distance from your bird so that it doesn't feel pressured. If you have already done the other exercises for target training, your parrot will surely tap the stick with its apparent beak. Then praise him as usual and give him his reward (the "amplifier").

If that worked a few times well, you can keep shortening the distance to the bell. If your parrot is very close to the bell, you can hold the stick directly up to the bell.

If your parrot touches the stick now, it will ring the bell. Then you reward him again, just like you practiced in Target training (if you don't know what I'm talking about, you will find a helpful collection of links at the end of this article).

Don't worry if your parrot takes a little longer to learn the new behavior. Some birds are a little more fearful than others and therefore need longer to learn new things.

It is also important that you practice this behavior with your parrot every day - until it sits properly and it rings the bell spontaneously.

Then you can congratulate yourself because you have tamed your parrot's screams. Of course, your parrot will still make noises from time to time. But that's in its nature. Birds make noises especially during sunrise and sunset. After all, parrots are not fish. 

If this exercise works well, you can move on to the more advanced exercises.

I'm looking forward to showing you - and I'm happy if the bell trick works for you.

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