What are some movies like Ratatouille

"Soul", "Toy Story", "Ratatouille": the best Pixar films?

What's the meaning of life? Where do we come from? Where are we going? What does happiness mean? And what is our soul? These days it is not a philosophical treatise that is devoted to these questions, but "Soul", the latest film from Pixar, which specializes in animation films. The reactions are almost entirely positive, as the "New York Times" writes about "Soul": "a small, delicate film that doesn't hit every note, but whose art, feeling and inspiration can be summed up very well with its title" . There were also positive voices about the latest Pixar work in the STANDARD forum:

With all its lightness, sense of humor and cute characters, the film studio has always been dedicated to big and complex questions and thus finds its audience in all age groups. It's been 25 years - and twelve Oscars - since "Toy Story", the first Pixar feature film, was released and since then has made it extremely difficult to unsentimentally throw away toys that are past their prime to dispose. In "Finding Nemo" you swam through the Pacific with clown fish Martin in search of the eponymous son. "Above" already moved to tears with the love story in the opening scene, "Wall-E" tidied up behind civilization, Rémy the rat cooked "Ratatouille", and "Everything is upside down" was a journey inward, into the world of Feelings. Or summarized differently:

Which Pixar movie did you particularly like?

And why? Which scene always makes you laugh - or cry? And what is your opinion on "Soul"? On the other hand, which Pixar movie did you not like so much? Exchange ideas in the forum! (aan, December 11th, 2021)